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    black screen

    I have a compaq c500 when it boots up all you get is a black screen but the arrow from the touch pad can be seen and moved about has any one any ideas
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    Start up

    When i start up windows xp it went straight to the desktop now it goes to a log on page first. How can i restore this to the former
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    Bluetooth dongle

    I have a belkin S8T016 Bluetooth usb pen and have installed it as per instructions but when i run the bluetooth set up wizard it comes up with a error message "no available com ports" Can any one help me please
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    Partitions not set up

    I have just installed a 160gb maxtor hard drive in my computer. I run f disk and put to partitions on but i can only get a 19 gb partition on c drive it will not let me do any more, the d partition comes out at 129gb. can any tell me how to get a bigger c drive.
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    office opens slow

    if i open any office application it takes ages to open up. i am running xp and avg
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    Office 2007

    I have office 2007 on my laptop but when i open a saved file it takes ages to open any one any ideas
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    serial port

    how can i tell if my serial port is working
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    start up problem

    Just got my laptop sorted and main comp freezing on startup. It goes through loading the hard drives says ok then freezees on that screen any body any ideas. Running xp with 1gb ram
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    windows update

    i have two strange problems 1st with windows update it downloads the updates but then fails to install them and the 2nd is with internet explorer the 1st search bar doesn't work but the 2nd one does
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    transfer emails and address book

    can any one tell me how do transfer my emails and address book from outlook to out look on my new computer
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    network drivers

    i have just bought a hp pavillion dv9700 and down graded it to xp but i cannot get the ethernet to work can any one help
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    Help going from Vista to XP?

    i have just bought a toshiba p200 laptop with visa it does not work with half the software at work and the plotter so i have purchased xp home. when i try and put this on it cannot find a hard drive can any one help please
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    trouble shutting down

    when i shut down my laptop it comes up with a box with a "sample" program that cannot shut down how can i stop this so it shuts straight down
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    Printer software

    Can any one help me i have a epson R300 printer and i have lost the disk. I have downloaded the drivers but it does not include the print cd software. I have looked every where but cannot find it HELP
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    Cannot Share files between xp and vista

    I have my main comp downstairs which is on windows XP i have set up a network etc but cannot view my other laptops which are in the house. They are on windows vista. i would like to share the d drives and the printer etc. the 2 laptops see each other and share files fine but cannot see the main...
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    How Do I Repair Windows

    When i turned on my sons computer it has a file missing. So i have tried to repair windows from my xp disk but it asking for a administrators password. Any clues to what it is !!
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    How do i find out what motherboard is in my computer, the motherboard has no markings on it and i cannot get any sound. so guess there is no sound drivers
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    acer boot up problems

    i have a acer asphire 3000 notebook that freezes on boot up i have tried every thing i know. I have even reformated but it is still the same. If you boot up in safe mode it is then ok can anyone guide me
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    process id=0xd9c fault

    I have sage accounts running on my laptop all was well i then loaded on irus paymaster and it keeps coming up with the fault application has generated an exception that could not be handled process id=0xd9c (3484), thread id 0xf98 (3992) the program will then not run can any one help ps...
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    Formatted memory stick by mistake

    Can anyone please please help me. I have formated my camera memory stick by mistake and lost all my photo's of my recent holiday is there any way to get them back !