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  1. assclown

    News Mozilla to revolutionize web layout with new font support

    By revolutionize you mean try to finish something that was started and not accepted a long time ago?
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    News 5th Gen iPod Nano to get video

    Yeah, pretty stupid update. When i think of nano, i certainly don't think of large screen and watching videos...
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    News Xbox 360 reliability is worst of consoles

    Yah, price you pay for awesome graphics. You could play crappy games on the Wii.
  4. assclown

    Official WOW Thread

    From the way the game is being designed by Blizzard now, I think it is actually being pushed more to find good players and make it a bit easier to level and get to a point to play the rest of the game. I put a lot of time into the game and never got to even barely do 5 groups, let alone a 40 man...
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    Windows 7 - First Impressions

    Or you could have stated "the most stable OS that you can actually do something fun and worth while in" and leave Microsoft out of it :eek:
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    News Nero Free Version

    Hey thanks for the post! Nice to have something for free for Windows 7 until i actually buy it and make it my primary OS.
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    News Firefox 3.5.1 Released

    By taking too long to load on some computers, they of course mean MOST. :) I do not think you can get any quicker than Chrome. Pretty much instant.
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    News Microsoft, Apple Sued Over Touch-screens in iPod, Zune

    I hope i don't get sued for wiping my arse in certain ways patented by some small toilet paper company.
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    Blizzard confirms no LAN support in Starcraft II

    When other people can see and join your game, its not just local. And why else would they announce you HAVE to use battle net as LAN will not work. Are you Blizzard vern? Do they answer to you? Their games before had as well as LAN. and chugged when we had 6 people playing...
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    Anyone experiencing taskbar problems with Vista?

    I have had the issue twice. First time was as stated above, my mouse battery was getting low, and started tweaking out and it just spazzed out vista. However now, ever since i bought an ATI card (mistake) it tweaks out depending on what program is running, generally with Photoshop CS4. Never did...
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    Microsoft Wireless Laser 8000

    Ok, so i got my new replacement mouse. No more problem, no more flashing red/green. Cased closed. However a cool note, the old mouse does work, and MS doesnt want it back :)
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    I'm trying to not get screwed by Microsoft

    Well that pretty much sums it all up :)
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    I got a death with my first one, but i used to take it to friends houses and ****. When i got my replacement i just keep it in one spot and clean it a lot and i have not had an issue since. Been a few years now. I think there are just a lot of vibration sensitive parts in them.
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    a couple of google chrome questions

    Hold control when you click a link. This gets you a new tab. If doing a search from your start menu and you click search internet, a new tab will open.
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    Microsoft Wireless Laser 8000

    Yeah. Once i emailed the tech guy that on multiple PCs and OSes it was having the same issue no matter what i do, he sent a reply asking for my name, address and phone number and stuff for a replacement. Thanks for everyones ideas.
  16. assclown

    Microsoft Wireless Laser 8000

    You would think so huh!? However, no. It has no user guide. It comes with a pamphlet with technical details about mouse. A pamphlet of technical details and warnings for the class of laser it uses. And it comes with a quick start/hookup guide for using the mouse. Also, it has those same things...
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    Street Fighter 4 benhmark tool

    lol. Oh ok. Well, run the benchmarks if you want, and then run Crysis. You will be like, but wait, i had such a large woody in the benchmark!
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    Microsoft Wireless Laser 8000

    Hey thanks! I looked at my mouse and it looks nothing like that one. It has a rocker arm in it that pushes up against a metal plate. I still tried the trick, but it doesn't help. I got an email back from Microsoft and they said it is most likely a pairing problem. I tried it with multiple USB...
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    Microsoft Wireless Laser 8000

    Ok. SO i bought the Microsoft Wireless Lasrer 8000. VERY smooth. However, the light on it constantly flashes green and red. I can throw it on the charger and it will be just a green that fades in and out (charging?). But after a bit, it goes to the same green/red pattern. I came home from work...
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    Street Fighter 4 benhmark tool

    lol shotty! ha. My ATI video driver spasmed on my last run trying to save the results to a text file. As fast as the 4850 is, i sure hate that they cannot make a stable driver to save their lives. Ah well. Also, i love the comments about e-peen, though ill admit even not knowing what the hell...