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    Gfx artifacting

    Just got a new nforce2 board, reinstalled XP over the top, etc but now i get serious glitchs in Bf1942, and i aint got anything overclocked pics > now ive noticed the back of the vid card, directly behind core, is red hot nearly and the...
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    Suitable HSF?

    do you reckon this > would be suitable for a barton cpu :o namely the xp2500
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    My COmputer Icon disappeared

    well after a reinstall due to the occurance of a blue screen everytime i booted, tried lots to get rid of the blue screen - last know config etc... anyhow i aint got any icons on my desktop but the recycle bin. how'd i get the proper MyComputer and Network neighbourhood icons back, not...
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    Proxy ? sharing temp net files..

    Anyone know a way of sharing Internet cahce/temp internet files with someone else on me LAN ? make browseing the internet slighlty more efficenet :E take it using a proxy server? how i use one ? where i dl one ? ta in advance
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    Creative CD-ROM Locksup/stalls

    I have Win XP Pro, with the via KT133A chip set, running newest Vias. Creative 48X CDROM. WHen it 1st spins up a CD the whole computer stops responding for a few seconds :/ this is very annoying, any way of stopping this ?