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    your most anticipated game?

    can't wait Doom3
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    Hacker Here I will own you all and your Country.

    Haa Haa Haa what a f...... joke
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    theme programs

    Theme proggie Try Stardock's WindowBlinds:
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    Need to reformat and reinstall XP, best way to do this??

    reinstall xp First make sure your data is backed up. Make sure your computer boots all devices (i.e. CD-ROM) before you begin. If not, this can be setup through your computer's BIOS. Insert XP disk, and boot CD. Following the on screen instructions, format your HD. Create a...
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    recent... it was 2003
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    OSNN Anti-Virus Poll

    What Antivirus Do You Use? What is the best antivirus to use for personal pc (please post your opinion)? I use AntiVir v.6 mainly because it's free and the definitions are updated daily. However, the on demand scan time is rather slow, but the real time scanning is accurate and efficient...
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    Usb 2.0 ?

    usb 2.0 if you don't like sp1, try sp2 for a more complete service pack, although it's not quite finished yet, the rc1 works with no trouble for me
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    The new AIM please help

    Under Under prefrences under Sign On/Off uncheck the first check box "Make AIM my default instant messaging program" this will take care of things w/o having to using windows access/defaults.
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    File Sharing Programs?

    P2p KazaaLite Resurrection 0.0.7