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    Windows Deployment

    Hello I have a friend that has asked me to upgrade his computers at his business. He has asked for Windows XP Home and Office Basic 2003 to be installed on 15 workstations. I've been searching for multipule licencing packages and the only thing I can find are the packages of 3. Is there a...
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    Rural Wireless ISP's

    My parents live in a rural community and they are having problems with finding a good internet service. I did a little research and found a wireless service that is lower in cost compared to some cable services but a little slower. Has anyone ever use this type of service? My concerns are...
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    Page File error

    Here's a little system info. IBM Thinkpad A21e 600MHz celeron OS: Win2k Pro Ram: 64MB (I don't remember) I modified the virtual memory and set every thing to 0. Now I'm getting an error message when I boot up. I get to log on and that's as far as it will let me go. Is there a way to...
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    Increase # of downloads

    This was posted before and I can't find it any more. It was a registry hack that let you download more than 2 things at a time. Does anyone remember it.
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    CS mapcycle.txt helper

    Ok, I got a little board. It's a pretty simple program that helps create a map cycle list for CS servers. Let me know if you find any bugs or if you just find it useless. Thanks Download
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    MSI KT3 Ultra motherboard ?

    I've noticed that some of you have the same mb as me. Are any of you experiencing problems with establishing your fsb speed? It would appear that I'm limited to 100MHz. With a 1800+ cpu I should be able to extend my fsb to 133MHz to get nominal performance out of my processor at 1533MHz. Is...
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    Linksys NIC

    Ok I did a search and didn't find a solution to the problem I'm having. Just put together a new PC. The first time I installed XP I was able to connect to the internet without installing any updated drivers. I installed Kazaa and didn't like all the spyware/adware programs invading my...