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    Cannot update!

    Cannot load windows update page successfully on my windows xp home edition!Always stop when showing the following messege: Checking for the latest version of the Windows Update software... Depending on your connection speed, this might take a minute. During this time, you may receive one...
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    Safari and Tabbed browsing

    How to open new tab by clicking address in the bookmarks bar folder?
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    About Fink

    I want to install Gimp and I try to use Fink to install it,but it failed. error info: Can't exec "/usr/bin/nm": No such file or directory at /sw/lib/perl5/Fink/ line 234. Reading Package Lists... Building Dependency Tree... The following extra packages will be installed...
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    How to optimize the speed of page loading?

    I use a 2M ADSL and I cannot feel it's faster than a 1M ADSL.So how to optimize the speed of page loading?Thanks!
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    Are there any good and free programs for Mac OS ?

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    How to design a website just using PHOTOSHOP?

    Are there any good tutorials?Thanks!