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    auto save?

    :mad: second time in a week that i've lost quite a bit of design work due to crashes. does anyone know of any ways i can save things automatically every 10 minutes or so? im using illustrator if that makes any difference. can't rely on my memory to keep saving stuff anymore... proof that the...
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    Windows XP Home (with SP2)

    can i get SP2 off a "Windows XP Home Includes Service Pack 2" CD? where abouts is it on the cd? im asking because i can't get any further than the security warning on the windows update site telling me i need to install "windows update". i click it then it sends off the error to windows. :(
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    illustrator help

    say you got a circle that looks like () all one vector but wanted to make a cap in it so you could go back to just ) how can you do this?
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    few questions about bluetooth

    im considering purchasing 2 bluetooth dongles to replace the long network cable that goes down the stairs in my house. i need a few things answering first though before i splash out. does it work through ceilings? will i still be able to network my xp pro pc with a windows 98 one? if im...
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    powerdvd/geforce error question

    i have tv out on my geforce - how do i disable this so i can watch dvds on powerdvd. its a geforce4 mx 4000 and i have no manual edit: this was fixed with a restart
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    System Configuration Utility

    as you can see on the screenshot (attached), ive had the blaster virus. is there a way of getting rid of these entires on the msconfig window as these no longer exist so why should they be an option to start up with windows?
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    reformatting properly?

    i remember on the old forum, i was told a program that completely wiped your hard drive. so everything was erased properly - sort of like a reformat but so your drive is brand new? does anyone have the name to hand? also another thing i need to know. if i have partitioned my drive, is it...
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    Daemon Tools

    im trying to use D-Tools, but I get an error when it opens "No language support enabled!" i tried to reinstall/repair, but no luck. anyone got any ideas? :confused:
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    animated gifs

    reeto say i have an .avi, and want to use 5 seconds of a part right in the middle, what would be the best way to do it? sort of like a moving screenshot of the film? also would like to know a program i can record streaming video aswell in the same way to save as .gif
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    thunderbird and hotmail popper

    i have a btopenworld account and my msn one. i can receive my emails by using hotmail popper, and when i send from hotmail they send but never arrive in the recipients' inbox. is my smtp setting in thunderbird and im using for pop server. what should it be set...
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    windows 98 question

    hi i tried to install a network card on my sisters computer i restarted the machine and 3 errors came up in dos saying registry or system.ini was missing the following files: vnetsup.vxd vredir.vxd dfs.vxd then when windows loaded, the following file came up with an error saying it...
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    notification area

    how do i clear the list in the customize notifications menu :confused:
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    to me this means one of these: but i've been sent a music file to listen to.. but will not play in winamp. how do i get this working? thanks d
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    winamp (codec question)

    ive got winamp 5.0beta2, but it has done this in previous versions when i play wmv files, it's quite skippy. is there any way to make them play better? i'd prefer to use winamp for all my media files, including real - never managed that either. any ideas?
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    displaying current winamp tune

    im using at the moment, but im not keen on id tagging all my mp3s? i know there's easy ways, but u got to check them all, do them on all your downloads, etc.. its hard work basically and there's got to be a better track name broadcaster thing? also, listen-to matches the tune...
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    thermal pad/grease?

    i bought a new heatsink (zalman) for my athlon xp 2200+. would you recommend i use the grease that it came with or buy a thermal pad? ive heard the pad is for more permanent (long-term) jobs and the grease is for "testing"? where can you buy thermal pads in the uk?
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    wan miniport/device manager

    wasn't sure if this is meant to be in networking or here (applications). please move this to the right place if it causes problems. basically, the problem is that i get one of those exclamation marks on WAN Miniport (IPX) #2. it says "This device is not working properly because Windows...
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    DC hublist url

    im having trouble downloading mine, so was wondering what people use? is there any good ones im missing?;; i use them, but i get "Download failed...
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    noisy cpu fan

    i have a coolermaster heatsink and fan for my (athlon xp) computer. i need to know if you can buy new fans for these (60mm) and where is the best place in the uk? will any 60mm fan do? i was also thinking of getting a zalman flower cooler. are they easy to replace? i need some sort of paste...
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    Start Menu Internet Explorer help

    can anyone tell me how to get rid of the text underneath internet please? (see attached image) peace d