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  1. Terrahertz

    my ten year aniversary

    Wow I just saw this EP. Shocking and such a sad ending to a cool dude. I used to chat with Sazar many times on here in the past. :-(
  2. Terrahertz

    Yo fellas!

    Yo fellas!
  3. Terrahertz

    my ten year aniversary

    Just going through my passwords to eliminate sites and such and general hose cleaning and lo and behold came into view. My goodness I am now 45 and married with a daughter. I was 28 when I freaking joined. Such fond memories and nostalgia. Electronic Punk, Sazar, Evil Marge, Perris...
  4. Terrahertz

    my ten year aniversary

    Sorry to hear that buddy. Glad you're still around enduring. :)
  5. Terrahertz

    DIABLO 3 Release???

    Might pick up my copy today. The BestBuy in my county has some CE left.
  6. Terrahertz

    my ten year aniversary

    Man its seems like a lifetime miss everyone. How's everyone doing?
  7. Terrahertz

    Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7 Crossfire Gaming Motherboard

    Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7 Crossfire Gaming Motherboard Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips - YouTube
  8. Terrahertz

    News Windows 8 Developer preview now available!

    Downloaded but have yet to try it out.
  9. Terrahertz


    I'm tempted to get this device.
  10. Terrahertz

    vista install problem on new h/drive

    Unfortunately you're right. Use to be very busy in here but I guess life tends to get a hold of you. Glad you were able to solve your problem. What don't you understand? _____________________________________________________________________________________
  11. Terrahertz

    NVIDIA GTX 465 detailed ahead of June 1 launch, GTX 460 also rumored

    So, did anyone pick up a 460? If you did how are you liking it?
  12. Terrahertz

    Update Firefox To 4.0

    Yup that's why I don't beta firefox anymore. Need my addons to run.
  13. Terrahertz

    How to remove "local disk" in win 7 explorer

    haha I had a feeling it was just a registry issue since the disc were never physically there but I did pick up some tips. Good for you.
  14. Terrahertz

    Win 7 Activation

    Okay I read the thread but I want to know something. These machines came with or without Win 7? How much bloatware was on these machines that you have to do 99 of them? Could you have not just wipe the bloatware? Also did they come with an installation disc of just the OS?
  15. Terrahertz

    How to remove "local disk" in win 7 explorer

    Use ccleaner to clean your registry. I'm going to see if I can find or figure something out.
  16. Terrahertz

    How to remove "local disk" in win 7 explorer

    Hmm could they have been setup to reconnect at logon? I'm just throwing something out there until we can figure it out. Right click my computer and select disconnect network drives. If you haven't done this see if that's the problem.
  17. Terrahertz

    Computer won't boot,no POST just the power light is blinks

    I would just change the powersupply. [upgrade it]
  18. Terrahertz

    To RAID Or Not To RAID

    Well I run Raid 5 at home and we also run it at work on our servers[Raid 5 have saved many a network]. Anything can fail at anytime that's the nature of the environment we work in. The point of all this is what works for you. Like it has been mentioned many times a backup of your data [A proper...