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    Second hand video card

    I've just recently purchased a second hand geforce 3 for a friend, but unfortunately on arrival I discovered that one of the two heatsinks has actually fallen off the card. It used to be held on by some sort of yellowish glue which is still evident on the heatsink and a little bit on the memory...
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    Cloning to Network Location without using a Floppy

    Is it possible using either Drive Image or Norton Ghost to image to/from a network share without requiring a boot floppy? I know the floppy is required as it contains the drivers for your network card and the details of the network location but is there a way to use a CD or some sort of...
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    Buyers Guide: My guide to 64 bit

    I originally developed this as a small post in a seperate thread however it sort of grew so big that I decided that it could only be posted in a seperate thread. If anyone wants me to add or change anything free to reply and if my computer doesn't give too much more cheek I'll try and check back...
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    Problem: vertical green lines during post

    Today my new mobo has decided to cause me a bit of grief. During the post screens (when starting up the computer) multiple vertical green lines have taken to appearing all over the display. I know it's nothing simple like the monitor or the monitor cable/connector since there are 4 screens...
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    Large files transferred through network become corrupt (on one computer only)

    I'm having this very strange problem with one of my computers which has only started fairly recently . Basically the computer is for some reason, unable to receive large files through the network. The file seems to copy alright but when the installer tries to "verify" the file it claims the...
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    Computer Problems --typically

    I've been having some computer troubles lately. After several hours of fixing and running chkdsk several times and fixing errors, I've found that I can boot my computer if I have only of my two hdd's connected. While only one hdd is connected then windows boots normally however as soon as I...
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    WHY a fixed page width!!!!????

    Alright this is just beyond a joke now. Only a few months ago the front page here was dynamic and adjusted based on your resolution. Recently there was a change which left two centimetre margins on either side of my screen. (Still affecting the forums) It was annoying but I let it slide...
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    Illogical DVD-Rom Problems

    Alright I simply can't work this thing out. I've got an internal Sony DVD-Rom (DDU1621) and it's giving me more problems than I can care to imagine. Basically in short what happens is- I put in a dvd or cd for that matter and after a few seconds windows appears to freeze (no responce to...
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    Connect to network share under different user/password

    Does anyone know how, once connected to a network share through supplying a username and password (through explorer without the use of a mapped network drive), you can disconnect from it and reconnect using a different username/password to gain different access priviledges? Thanks, Patrick
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    60 seconds per search?

    A bit drastic if you ask me... Also really annoying when you've just searched but didn't find anything and want to try a search with different keywords. Anyways, just killing some time till the server will let me search again... Patrick
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    XP connecting to NT domain

    I'm having trouble connecting to an nt server with a domain. I'm using Windows XP Proffessional. There seems to be no problems with the ip address and I was able to connect to the satellite and access the internet. It just says "access is denied" when I try to connect to the domain. Any...
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    Advanced file permission settigns

    I'm looking for a website that explains in detail exactly what the effects are of ticking the different checkboxes in setting the advanced file permission options. I know most of these are easily worked out but I would like to read up about this in a tutorial or guide which explains the exact...
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    Total size of folder in details + statusbar

    If you single click on a file, you are presented with the total file size in both the details box (blue bar on left in my computer) and also the status bar. However if you want to find the total file size of a folder, windows will not display the size and you must go to the properties of the...
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    Urgent Help > TV Out

    I urgently need someone to give me one of those miracle cures within the next half an hour, becaues I need to convert some digital footage onto an analogue vhs tape for part of an assignment, and after going through all the options the only remaining way is to use TV Out. The option for TV-Out...
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    Windows Briefcase Alternatives

    I'm currently using the windows standard briefcase to back up some folders on my main computer to two other machines each with a different briefcase saved on the hard-disk. Recently I've become increasingly annoyed with the lack of options that windows briefcase has to offer and it becomes...
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    help help help help (partition magic)

    Oh oh. This probably isn't good. I was running Partition Magic 7 Pro to resize partitions on one of the computers at my house and it has stopped. It is at 74% and acts as though it is frozen. What the h*ll am I meant to do now? Pleeeeassse don't make me format it... please... Come on tell...
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    Normal Usage - Watts,Astericks#anchor1 I'm interested in purchasing a ups such as the one above for Australian $485. I was wondering... it says on that page: Typical backup time at half load 14.2 minutes (205...
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    Strange i.e. problem

    I'm currently debugging a friends comp who has this most annoying problem. He can connect to the internet, chat on msn and use netmeeting but internet explorer will not load any web-pages. It gives the error "Internet Explorer could not open the search page"- for every page. Microsoft says...
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    About making mp3s

    If you are using your computer or have programs running while you are converting songs to mp3s will it be lower quality (i.e. will you get additional pops and clicks?) ??? Thanks, Patrick
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    Windows XP and identical systems

    If I build two systems of exactly the same specs and install a legal version of Windows XP on each system then technically I should be able to switch hard-drives without any concern. I'm asking this in context of a computer lab with 25 or so computers, so that building/rebuilding a hard-drive...