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    Graphic Card Problems

    Normally I would try to get support from the manufacturer but unfortunately ABIT doesn't exact provide stellar oralmost any support for their graphic's cards and ATI wants you to pay if they didn't build it. So I have this problem where when I install the drivers to this 9200SE-DT 128 MB card...
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    Alternative to White Space and Images

    I was wondering if anyone knew a way to avoid the troublesome problems involving tables, whitespace, and images. What I mean is if you make a cell with an image in it and you include any whitespace from the tag to the image itself, it adds that whitespace. That means that you can't use indents...
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    Recommendations for new card

    I'm not quite sure what card I should get for my desktop. I'm not much of a gamer. I mostly just program and surf so I don't need anything that renders magnificantly. What I need is a card that can run dual monitors as well as maybe an S-Video Port and/or Video RCA. The last two things I don't...