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    Best app's for Linux (Fedora)

    Well I had some great help with getting a video player for linux (thanks NetRyder) so now I'm looking for some of the best in the following catagories; Mp3 player or "jukebox" CD/DVD Burning DVD authoring and/or Decrytpting P2P App And remember as far as Linux goes I am pretty...
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    Help with Mplayer for Linux

    Just loaded up Fedora Core yesterday and I am a major n00b with linux so bear with me here. Trying to install mplayer and having a heck of a time. First it errored out saying I needed "libmp3lame" so I figured out that I needed to install Lame. I tried but all that does is error out on me saying...
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    How do I create a 3rd partition?

    I have a Maxtor 250GB drive with 2 partitions and would like to create a 3rd for other OS's. Is there any way to do that without losing data? Is there a program out there that will do it?
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    Private P2P program?

    I remember seeing a freeware program for setting up a private P2P, but for the life of me, cannot remember it's name. Any help?
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    Any way to check ISO integrity?

    I need to determine whether my drive is going bad or if I have several bad ISO's. I get unrecovered read errors, cyclic redundancy errors and catastophic failures on several ISO's i've burned. I have used Nero6 and Roxio6 and both burns give errors. My drive is a Lite-On 48x CDRW. Any help...
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    Office 2003 Beta testers : Update

    Check and see "gifts will be shipping to testers by mid-november." Just a heads-up......
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    Office 2003 Beta testers

    Have any of the beta testers recieved the "gift" for beta testing? If so, what and when?
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    Sprint DSL connection to microsoft router

    Just hooked up ADSL from sprint (1.5mb service) and am having trouble hooking it up to my MN-500 Microsoft broadband networking router. The DSL modem is a Zyxel Prestige 645m. I believe I have the settings right in my router, but not sure how to set-up the modem. Any help?
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    MS Broadband router problems...

    I know, I know, M$, but it has been a good piece of hardware and I got it for free for Beta testing it. Anyway I've just run PacketMon from and a couple of recurring addresses show up that I don't know what they are;
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    Norton System Works 2003

    Anyone remember a few months back, there was a post to sign -up for a free copy of this at Symantec's site? Did anyone sign-up and actually recieve it? Just wondering....
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    XP Hangs when idle.....HELP

    I am at a total loss.... Posted this problem awhile ago and thought I had found the problem, but no deal. So here it is; Whenever my computer is idle, it hangs (can't open a program, can't restart, nothing) But if I have IE6 open or e-mail or something like that no problems, but as soon as I...
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    XP Reinstall

    I know with other versions of windows you can reinstall and not lose any programs or files. Is it also possible with XP? If so how?
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    Linksys NIC

    Maybe somone can help me here. Windows keeps associating the wrong device driver with my Linksys NIC. As long as my computer is active (Internet, games musicmatch) everything is fine, but if it sits idle for awhile, I can't access anything, not even a reboot. I've tried uninstalling the card...
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    XP Hang problems

    :confused: When my system sits idle for more than a minute or two, I can't access anything. I double click a program on the desktop and get the hour glass for about 15 sec. and then nothing. I can't shutdown or reboot without hitting the reset button. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:)