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    Buying a new case

    Antec makes an awesome case.. Go for the Antec, btw nice rebound from the other 2!!!
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    Buying a new case

    i dont know man, i dont like that enermax case at all now when i take a GOOD look at it. the QUOTE feet on it is ugly in my mind, the front door shows an opening for 1 cd/dvd drive (show none or all) to me i just looks cheap sorry man but its not my choice get what you like
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    Catalyst 4.1 for ATi cards released

    i insalled them and played a few games of command and conquer generals - zero hour and it worked great
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    Good Music

    Dave Matthews (Band or Solo) is it, well for me atleast. I also like alot of 80s stuff and Goo Goo Dolls are really good
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    Buying a new case

    the enermax is just ugly, i dont find that good looking at all. I have a wavemaster but that was ~150$ might be a little high for you (with no PS)
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    hell ya xperience was amazing!
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    Which video card do you use?

    ATI 9800 pro 3.10 cat
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    My new Babies!!

    i have a new baby, my camera but i cant really take a picture of my camera, btw its a canon S400
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    Which is the best processor for gaming?

    right now i would probly say P4, but when games start using the 64 bit, i think AMD will have it
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    January Desktop Captures

    here is mine