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    New favourite Top Gear clip

  2. Tittles =)

    I'm pretty disappointed about this site :(. I disappear for awhile and when I come back its a ghost town.
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    pandora commercials getting worse then fm

    all you need is ESPN radio
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    Funny Picture Thread

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    FYI: TV Show

    Haha Now only if I was a real hillbilly. I think I was the only person on the show that wasn't a hillbilly or from the south for that matter.
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    FYI: TV Show

    Nope I am currently looking into getting it. I am just waiting on a reply from the producer. I was #2 Dumbest Hillbilly out of 20 it was hilarious. Best show I've been on yet by far. Edit: Just searched it on youtube and they just must of put it on there...
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    Youtube like videos when away from PC

    Nope I will try that tho Thanks
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    FYI: TV Show

    Yup another show Kinda funny I'm going to be made fun of by crap celebs and ex drug addicts.
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    Youtube like videos when away from PC

    I did that couldn't find anything out of the ordinary or anything he doesn't use.
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    Youtube like videos when away from PC

    Hey I am looking at a computer for a friend and when you are away from the computer for awhile a screensaver like deal starts playing random videos like you would do searching youtube for random owned/fail/cool/weird videos. It will have a advertisement video and say something about thanking...
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    FYI: TV Show

    TruTV 9pm April 21st Check your local listings :P
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    Cool things to spend money on at Newegg.

    you could just hit space in the search bar and then pick your price range. Then just spend awhile looking at all the stuff thats in your price range.
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    Perris - I've been around kinda drifted away for awhile from computers. Lord - Since I don't remember actually crashing it didn't hurt haha Xie - Thanks Johnny - I seen that on a commercial but totally for about it. I hope to start coming around more. You guys and this site were pretty much...
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    Hey all...Just wanted to post this up Tosh.0 | Video | Jumping my go kart I'm currently trying to get on tosh.0 and having it on the site helps me get on the show. Somehow I went from 95% thumbs up to 66% so Im hoping to get enough people to view it and give it a thumbs up. I am hoping for a...
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    IS Merry Christmas OK - or do I have to say Happy Holidays?

    I only celebrate Festivus Happy Festivus for the rest of us
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    Happy New Year ..

    happy new year to all
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    Slow windows 7 recovery

    Never mind Did a HD test and got a error code that ended up saying online that the HD is bad. Sad its only 6 months old and already bad HD.
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    Slow windows 7 recovery

    I got my aunts laptop with windows 7. When it starts it says windows is loading files and then it goes to a desktop wallpaper for along time then starts to scan to fix windows. I waited 3 hours and it still doesn't do anything but search. I can't boot into any type of safe mode it just does the...
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    A movie you LOVED, but everyone else seemed to hate...

    Baseketball is great
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    The Really Long Thread