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    suggested video card

    Well it looks like my 7950 gx2 has fallen through, and I have just sold my 7600gt. So I'm looking for a new video card and was hoping for suggestions. I'd like to stay away from ATI, and am looking for the best bang for the buck. Thanks for any help!
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    new video card!

    I just got my hands on a evga 7950 gx2! I can't wait till it comes in. If anyone has any ideas as to what game I should get to truly test the power of it let me know. I have a 7600gt I'll be selling if anyone is interested.
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    restart when trying to view video

    i'm having problems when trying to view videos from what seems to only be online. the error code is 1000008e and what happens is usually a system restart although the BSOD has come up a couple times before the restart. i think it was fine before i installed the new creative x-fi drivers. i can...
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    CPU cooler

    hello all, i have just finished putting together my new computer in which i installed a thermaltake CL-P0092 SILENT 775 cooler. currently the temps are around 43c while ripping a cd. i was wondering if i should swap out the cooler for the thermaltake big typhoon (or perhaps some other recommnded...
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    new vid card

    i'm planning on upgrading my vid card as i am running one that would now be considered a dinosaur. i'm on a low budget and do not play many games. i was looking at this card and was wondering...
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    blocking aol users

    is there anyway to block certain AIM users from going online on my computer?
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    visual help

    can someone help me with this project. i finished with the design, and now am trying to figure out how to calculate for new releases and the dvd or vhs option. thanks for any help
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    visual studio

    is there anyway to get visual 2003 trial by download and not cd. i need the trial quickly for a programming class and i cant afford the book with the cd right now.
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    powerbook g3

    is a powerbook g3 "pismo" 400mhz, 64 mb ram with a broken lcd worth $300? it comes with tons of software, portable printer, and bag . thanks for any help
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    usb support in dos?

    is there anyway to get usb support in dos? i'm trying to reinstall an operating system with my hp external cd drive because my laptops drive died on me. can anyone help with this?
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    sound problem in mandrake

    i'm using a hercules guillemot 7.1 car and cant get more than 2.1 out of it in mandrake, also the sound is crackling bad and its not the speakers. thank you for any help you may be able to give. ghoulscout