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    Home n/w Sharing printer ?

    hi all. i setup my win xp home desktop(1) to share a printer for my home n/w.(wep enabled) i also have another win xp pro desktop(2) and a win vista laptop(3). i AM able to print to that printer ONLY when the desktop(1) is on. is that how its supposed to be? Ex Im on laptop in my living room...
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    i need an image accelerator?!

    i just got cable internet and now some of the images im used to seeing on web pages are no longer appearing. it was the same way before i installed the earthlink accelerator when i had dialup. that accelerator really helped out. does any1 know of a good free or cheap internet accelerator for...
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    spysweeper not recognizing favs and screens not moving?

    im not sure why they wont rotate anymore. even when i click to goto the next topic, it doesnt budge? also, my spysweeper on my other cpu doesnt recognize added IE favs on any of the accts on the cpu. the setting is on yet no luck?? ive uninstalled and reinstalled several times.
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    how does this MS flight sim work?

    i had the 02 version and it seemed like there was a planned path of stuff u have to do. ive rarely played it but now i have the 04 version and it doesnt seem that there are missions on this? im i missing something?