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  1. Hsn


    I loved the season opener. I want more.
  2. Hsn

    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - 8 New Screenshots

    I've loved every Splinter Cell so far, both visually and gameplay-wise. Looking forward to this one. :)
  3. Hsn


    Very nice episode.
  4. Hsn

    The Song with the Best Lyrics

    Lyrically, I liked "Things I Don't Understand" from Coldplay. Beautiful. :)
  5. Hsn

    This weather is to extreme!

    Pfft... it was -30 Celsius here today with -30 Celsius of windchill... :dead:
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    Yup. Very cool episode btw. :)
  7. Hsn

    Happy Birthday gonaads

    Happy Birthday!! :D
  8. Hsn

    Is Vanquished in Love with POLLS?

    Yes, but I don't mind them. :)
  9. Hsn

    February, 2006 Desktops

    Heh, you don't wanna see mine. :lick:
  10. Hsn

    February, 2006 Desktops

    Nice setups GM, madmatt, and DaVo. :)
  11. Hsn


    I used spoiler tags for a reason you know. (but I knew you would be tempted. :p)
  12. Hsn

    Weekly Poll (February 12th)

    I rarely drink soda. But when I do, it has to be Canada Dry.
  13. Hsn


    I saw the preview of next week's episode today. Oh. My. God.
  14. Hsn


    Porsche is the best when it comes to style and performance.
  15. Hsn


    Interesting trivia I found in "The Long Con": And next week's episode description: I can't wait for next week's episode!
  16. Hsn


    Sazar, we've got your message already. :p Interesting episode. Things are heating up.
  17. Hsn

    Funny Video Thread

    Broke Mac Mountain :laugh:
  18. Hsn

    February Sigs and Avatars

    Thanks muzikool!
  19. Hsn

    Weekly poll (February 4th)

    I love Lost. :)
  20. Hsn

    February Sigs and Avatars

    Thanks! :) (even though I don't have an avatar :p)