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  1. Hsn

    Unbelievable photography

    Okay, I posted this on my blog, but I really wanted to share this with all of you.
  2. Hsn

    Test driving Nintendo's Revolution

    CNN Money Sweet. :)
  3. Hsn

    [Teaser] The Da Vinci Code

    Has anyone read this book? I loved the book, as well as all others written by this author, Dan Brown. I can't wait to see this movie! :D Oh and the cast is superb too! The Da Vinci Code Teaser
  4. Hsn

    Half-Life 2 to Shine on Xbox

    That is very sweet news for people who don't have a high end gaming PC, like me. I am definitely looking forward to this. :)
  5. Hsn

    Happy Birthdays To:

    Benny, Chris, fantasi, and the tazinator! Enjoy it guys!
  6. Hsn

    Possible GTA:SA Leak?

    Saw this over @ Neowin. Here is the source.
  7. Hsn

    Halo 2 Website

    Excellent site! Also has a timer at the top counting down to November 9. It has got images, trailers, the story so far etc etc. Also has a very slick interface. :) Check it out here. :) P.S. Don't tell me this is old, as I have just discovered it and...
  8. Hsn

    Happy Birthday LocKStocK!!!

    Many happy returns of the day LocKStocK! :)
  9. Hsn

    Happy Birthday thekore!

    Happy Birthday! :) Hope you have a good one!
  10. Hsn


    Has anyone seen this yet? I've heard some great reviews about it. Some people are saying that this is one of Cruise's best performances. And I've also heard that Jamie Foxx has already been nominated for an Academy Award as an actor in a supporting role. Would be interesting to hear your...
  11. Hsn

    New Star Wars Film Title Unveiled

    The third and final Star Wars prequel - due for release next summer - will be called Revenge of the Sith, producer Lucasfilm has said. The film, out in May 2005, links the prequels with the original trilogy by showing how Anakin Skywalker becomes the evil Darth Vader. The film's title...
  12. Hsn

    Halo 2 Hits Theaters

    Microsoft and Bungie announced today that a cinematic, action-stuffed Halo 2 trailer will immediately begin showing in Loews Cineplex theaters here in the States. Developed by Hollywood production house The Ant Farm and running through August, the trailer will play before the summer's hottest...
  13. Hsn

    Doom III Official Website

    ... is now live and is offering sceenshots, wallpapers, and an awesome streaming trailer. Just wanted to give you a heads up on that one. Doom III Official Website
  14. Hsn

    Beckham ball bids top $17 million

    I'm sure none of you have forgotten the penalty Beckham missed in the quarterfinals against Portugal. Well guess what, the inevitable happened. The ball went right into this Spanish guy's lap and he sold it on eBay for $17 million (around 10 million euros). What luck... Full Story
  15. Hsn

    Another game, another thread...

    Hi guys, This is a game. What you need to do is find out what makes this logo special? The logo has been provided. I thought it was pretty cool. For those of you who have time to kill, sit here, relax and tell me what is special about this logo? Hope you guys don't mind...
  16. Hsn


    It just looked like I had stumbled upon another NTFS. Do any of you know about this?
  17. Hsn

    Millionaire by 25?

    This article was from the Calgary Herald dated Feb 28, 2001. Interesting read so I'd like to share it with all of you.
  18. Hsn

    Project Gotham Racing 2

    Bought this game recently..... its brilliant. Just wanted to know who has it and what you think of it? :) Maybe we can arrange a few races or something with XBL.... :cool: :) Gamertag: HBO as in hsn, ~bk, o_87. :) ;)
  19. Hsn

    Ssx 3

    I just bought SSX 3 for the Xbox. I need to know if there is a way to play custom soundtracks on it. Can anyone help? It will be appreciated. PS That game ROCKS!!
  20. Hsn

    Need A good theme

    I want a new type of theme for windows XP. I am tired of using those themes that comes default with XP. Recently, I was trying to search google for the OS X theme. I heard that you can implement it on XP. Can anyone give me a good link for a site which contains good themes? I am also looking...