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    Hey everybody!

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    How to Enable Group Policy Edit (gpedit) installed on Windows 10 home

    Why not just put the bat file in a zip then upload?
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    Video converter recommendation

    Myself, I use ConvertXtoVideo It is a paid product but has a free trial with all features enabled.
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    Video converter recommendation

    Free or paid?
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    Selling off old hardware - tax question?

    What old hardware are you looking to sell?
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    The Really Long Thread

    All I see is this at the top of the page.
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    News Apple Exiting the Wi-Fi Router Business

    Apple is discontinuing the Airport series of routers. The routers will be available at, Apple's retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers until supplies are all sold but no new units will be produced. Source:
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    Fixed Updated Site

    Seems like you are still making changes as the main page layout has changed again. At first I saw three tabs: Home - Forums - Members Now I only see Home - Forums So where is members list now?
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    Fixed Updated Site

    I had been wondering the last couple of days why trying to access any page past the main page gave a 404 error and now I see why. I had thought either the site had been hacked or EP was doing something. EP - Was this just a forum software upgrade?
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    News NVIDIA ending 32-bit driver support

    Nvidia will no longer support 32 bit Windows, Linux or FreeBSD after the 390 driver release. For Windows this applies to 7, 8/8.1 and even Windows 10. Drivers after the 390 release will not operate or install on 32-bit operating systems. Driver enhancements, driver optimizations, and operating...
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    Fix Firefox Extensions (Session Manager) Disabled

    Actually you might as well just use Firefox ESR as that is what the author of Cyberfox has switched to for his sources. Cyberfox 52.0 lands with some large changes dropping support for Windows Vista and switches over to the Firefox 52.0 ESR branch Also says the browser will be EOL in 12 months...
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    How do I use cmd prompt to change all files in all subfolders?

    I would just use this - Bulk Renamer Utility According to the site, Bulk Rename Utility is free of charge for personal, private use, at home.
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    Windows 10 CIFS/SMB file sharing borked?

    I do not use it but did find this.
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    what's the best codec pack for windows player?

    I don't install any codec packs and use Potplayer as it can play just about anything without installing more codecs. I found that potplayer has more features than vlc does as well. Potplayer is made by the guy who used to make KM player before he left that project...
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    Can anyone suggest a movie maker alternative?

    I have used that as well for editing videos.
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    Trying to connect a DVD writer via old ExtHDD enclosure; not working?

    Seems like you are trying to do what they did here.
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    Can anyone suggest a movie maker alternative?

    There is a Movie maker is in the app store but I don't know how good it is. Movie Maker : Free Video Editor – Windows Apps on Microsoft Store
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    I have returned ... with a question

    Faster processor will not matter that much and I don't think there are any 800 ones left so you will most likely get 1000 or 1400 There were three speeds of the 68U depending on the hardware revision and minor changes to the radios. Tim Thiggins explains the differences pretty well...
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    I have returned ... with a question

    Best Buy carries the rt-ac1900p which is just the rt-ac68u with a faster processor. Anytime I have changed routers I just use the same SSID/passphrase for the new one and the devices connect right up to the new router. Comparisons of them are here...
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    I have returned ... with a question

    OK I forgot this is an AC router so you will have 80 too. If you don't have any AC capable devices then you can leave it at 40 but if you have AC devices then you will need to leave it on auto so it can do 20/40/80 as AC devices are 80. Personally I feel the best routers right now are the Asus...