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  1. Impulse4life

    no screen saver while wmp is running?

    have you ever noticed that while media player is opened, even if its minimized, the screen saver will not ever kick in. Or is it just me? Really gets on my nerves and I dont know why its like that. If I want my music playing all night long and its minimized, then why should that stop my...
  2. Impulse4life

    Old Computer, New 200GB Drive

    Well first of all I have A spare PII Celeron kicking around that works perfectly fine so I was thinking I could put my 200GB WD in it for file storage and what not, but of course the computer wont detect it and I have already checked into a bios update on that board and the company told me it...
  3. Impulse4life

    Strange MSN Messenger problem?

    I will be using my MSN without any problems at all, then all of a sudden it disconnects/signs me out, when meanwhile, I'm bwosing the internet without a problem, so I'm not losing connection that way. Then 60 seconds later, it re connects me automaticly perfectly fine. I dont undertand why...
  4. Impulse4life

    Asus mobo's? Help me buy one!

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for the best possible P4 mobo by Asus that I can buy which has an Intel 875 chipset. On the website there are two possibilites. P4C800-E Deluxe AND P4C800 Deluxe I'm trying to figure out which board is the best, but...
  5. Impulse4life

    AOpen AX59 Pro + Memory Upgrade = HELP!?

    Okay guys what is happening here? Im trying to upgrade the ram in an AMD 450 K6 and this is the problem. 1 stick of 512MB PC133 gets picked up as 256MB 2 sticks of 256MB PC133 gets picked up as 128MB each Any help please!? Jamie
  6. Impulse4life

    DVD Copy Software?

    I've tried Nero, CloneDVD2, and Intervideo DVDCopy 3 so far and they all tell me that the cd is copy protected and then I can't copy it! (duh) So what do I do? I'm new to this DVD burning and any help would be great! Thanks in advance. Jamie :rolleyes:
  7. Impulse4life

    2x256MB DDR vs 2x512MB DDR

    Hello I'm about to purchase a dual channel kit of OCZ PC3200-EL EBPlatinum and I was just wondering really if I would find a very significant difference in my machine if I bought the 2x256 or the 2x512. Basicly what Im looking at is weather or not the performance increase is worth the extra...
  8. Impulse4life

    System hangs after boot up!?

    Hey Guys, I've noticed that ever since I have had my computer, what happens is the system hangs after its booted up. From a cold start my computer will boot in about 25-30 seconds max but after windows is loaded it takes an entire 1 minute & 15 seconds later before I can actually use it...
  9. Impulse4life

    Toshiba Laptop concern?

    Hey Guys, Im in the process now of looking for a decent laptop at the cheepest price possible and I came accross one that Im not really sure about. Its a Toshiba Satellite 1800 850MHZ P3 and my question is about the recovery software? It says that the AC adaptor and cord isnt included which...
  10. Impulse4life

    First time webpage!?

    Hey Guys I wanna make a web page from my own computer by using Frontpage. How do I go about doing this? :cool:
  11. Impulse4life

    MP3's in Windows Movie Maker?

    I have an mp3 that I wanted the end chopped of it so what I did was dragged it into movie maker and split the mp3 and deleted the end. Which is exactly what I wanted done, but It only saves as a wma and I need it to be mp3? Is there any kinda addition to Windows Movie Maker that will allow me...
  12. Impulse4life

    Can't Boot From CDRom

    Im trying to set up windows XP on another computer I have here and when I put the XP cd in the cd rom and wait for it to get to the part where its loading from cd and you press any key, this error comes up CDBOOT : Error booting from cdrom drive CODE : 5 Or something simmilar anyways...
  13. Impulse4life

    Parallel Wiring Schematic Help?

    I'm trying to wire a parallel port and I need to know what wire color goes to which number pin. You would think that this would be easy to find but Im having absolutly no luck what-so-ever. Thanks!!! :cool: Jamie
  14. Impulse4life

    A little DOS help please?

    I am trying to delete a file through dos, and I cant because the file has spaces in it!! For example, how would I delete this file: C:/file a.exe You cannot type "del file a.exe" because it has a space in it. I am thinking that the file needs to be renamed first but I dont know how to go...
  15. Impulse4life

    HP Software help

    Hey Guys. I just installed a HP PSC 1210 All-in-One on my mothers computer and after I had it all set up and ready. In the sys tray there is a "Saftey Remove Hardware" and I dont have a clue why its there :confused: Any help?
  16. Impulse4life

    Do computers only use 10% of their brain too!?

    This thought came across me when I thought about my computer as being a $2000 (CAD) music player & game console!!! Now I do use my computer for more then JUST that, much like alot of us, BUT when you try to think of the amount of crap that a computer IS & CAN be used for as opposed to the...
  17. Impulse4life

    Phoebe Router IP Address!?

    Does anyone know what the ip address is that I use to connect to a phoebe router Model No: OCTOPUS4IR I lost the manual and there dont seem to be one on their site anywhere!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :cool:
  18. Impulse4life

    help buying a wireless router?

    Hey guys. I'm getting myself a wireless router and I wanted to ask you guys a question first. I was considering getting the DI-624 like THIS one. But before I do I was wondering this one thing. If Im the only computer connected to it on the internet... will my download speeds decrease...
  19. Impulse4life

    an old socket 7 board/chip

    Hey guys... Im building an old computer here out my my nan's "ex-computer" and I was wondering about something that I am unsure about?!? The motherboard that Im working with is an AOpen Ap59S : Socket 7 and it has a AMD-K6-2/266AFR chip in it. Now for my question. I was wondering if I could...
  20. Impulse4life

    Problem with Primary Slave (HDD)

    Heres the problem: I have two Hard Disk Drives on my Primary Cable, master is a 60Gig Maxtor and slave is a 40Gig Maxtor but I am experiencing the following problem: The slave hard drive will not detect correctly. It will show up on boot up and in windows but I dont have access to it...