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  1. TheBlueRaja

    Change DirectX Button Assignments

    Does anybody know how to change the default button assignments in Direct X For a Device. I want to change them so that i can specify another button on my device as button 1 other than the one that was set as button one by default. As an example of what i mean - i have a Dual PSX adapter...
  2. TheBlueRaja

    Battlestar Galactica

    Just watched the 3 hour "remake" of Battlestar Galactica, and it absolutely rocks. If they can take this level of writing through to the recently announced series then i think we could have a classic on the way. The only gripe i have is that i just cant get over Starbuck as a woman - no...
  3. TheBlueRaja

    Xsivforce Bug

    Yeah, I think theres a bug in our spambot Xsivforce, his spamcount is way too high and we've been running him for some time now, im getting concerend we might not be able to deactivate it. Also he keeps spouting garbage constantly, and worse than before as well, god knows what sort of...
  4. TheBlueRaja

    Neowin + NTFS + EP v TheInquirer

    Whoohooo! Am I allowed to print this???? Check out this link first from Neowin if you don't know the background to the story. Then check this out - hehe. (At the Bottom) * NEOWIN Our crazy wibbler Paul Hales set off a war against...
  5. TheBlueRaja

    A Mac Killed my inner child....

    Im sure there absolutely nooooo truth to this whatsoever.... *cough*
  6. TheBlueRaja

    Star Wars : KOTOR

    Just wanted to let you all know, as you may have overlooked it as i did initially, but Knights of the old Republic absolutely rocks. Its one of the best games I've played in ages. It has a proper Star Wars storyline too, thats been written by some very good writers as it holds very true to the...
  7. TheBlueRaja

    Autopatcher XP

    How often do you install Windows XP? PC Crashes, Viruses, or even fixing other peoples systems... most people install XP regularly, whether they want to or not. After awhile, you get sick of going to Windows Update and continuously downloading patch after patch, update after update. Well, we...
  8. TheBlueRaja

    !!!!Mars Rover Breaks Down!!!!

    Aw Foook....
  9. TheBlueRaja

    Alternative to Google?

    Anybody know a GOOD search engine other than Google? Its getting pretty useless now becaue no matter what i search for it just links you to some price comparison page or shops. And anyone tried looking for a review of something - sheesh... Anyhoo - any ideas?
  10. TheBlueRaja

    Whats the Best AD-Blocker?

    Alrighty - for stopping pesky pop-up's i have Google toolbar, but thats another thread, what im looking for is a good, preferably freeware, Ad-blocker. Especially one which will stop the most annoying of all ads, the shockwave (.swf) ads on specific sites. Any ideas peeps?
  11. TheBlueRaja

    Blue LED's

    Are they cool as or what? P.s I know this is a pointless post - but who cares... :D
  12. TheBlueRaja

    Retro Flash Games

    Hi All, Im looking for retro flash games for my website ( - i already have Pacman, Space Invaders, Hexxagon, Simple Simon, Tetris, Snake and Tic Tac Toe, but im hoping to get quite a few more and set up a kinda retro gaming zone for people. Anyone know where i can get...
  13. TheBlueRaja

    Miserable Failure

    Hahaha, You gotta love google - goto, put Miserable Failure into the search box and hit "Im Feeling Lucky" Brilliant. :D
  14. TheBlueRaja

    Hyperion 4.50 Drivers can Delete your Whole Filesystem!!!

    Hey all, According to Warp2search the new 4.50 VIA Hyperon Drivers can delete the whole filesystem on your harddrives if you have the ATI control center installed. VIA have now pulled this driver, but we should get the info out there in case anyone decides to pick them up. There is no...
  15. TheBlueRaja

    dwwin.exe - application failed to initialize

    Hey all, Every time i shut down i get a popup window saying that dwwin.exe - The application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down. When i look in the event log i get:- Application popup: dwwin.exe - DLL Initialization Failed : The application failed to...
  16. TheBlueRaja

    Deus Ex 2 Demo

    Anyone else think this game is - just wrong? Its like playing with an elastic band attatched to you mouse and the corner of your mousepad. And the GFX SUCK!!! Or is it just me?
  17. TheBlueRaja

    The Ladies...

    So whats your best way of picking them up... Seriously, whats the tactic? Personally i think flattery gets you everywhere, but whats your thoughs? Would be interesting to get some feedback from the ladies of the forum too..
  18. TheBlueRaja

    Where do you hangout on the web?

    I know theres another thread on great sites, but what i wanted to know was where do you hang out mostly on the web? What sites do you look at most or revisit religiously and why? For me NTFS is #1 (forums), but i also look at (news) and (Tech stuff)...
  19. TheBlueRaja

    Too many e-mails?

    I *think* that im getting to many e-mails for threads im subscribed too. As far as i understand it im only supposed to get an e-mail if there has been another post in a thread, and then no more unless i revisit that thread and then i should get another if there has been another post. But i...
  20. TheBlueRaja

    I Made It Onto The Inquirer....

    Hehe, Are there ATI 3.8/3.9 driver bugs? I am the "reader" at the bottom telling them how to fix it.... Completely pointless - but i thought it was cool. :D