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    Hi, My sons computer has a virus which has passed through AVG and Kerio it has played havoc with his computer forcing him to reformat 3 times, each time he does and installs a legit XP from cd the virus is back it seems to have stuck itself in the free space ans cant be shifted or even looked...
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    ie6 splash screen

    Hi, does anyone know of a working tweak that will disable the splash screen in ie6. Many thanks
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    digital cameras and choice.

    Hi, Is anyone up to date on digital cameras, there are two I like but cant make up my mind, 1st is a Nikon 2100, the 2nd is a Canon A60, the Canon can be had for £130 UK, and the Nikon a little more expensive about £10, the price is for the camera alone no bits thrown in. Any help help...
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    ntoskrnl.exe and ntldr help

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the two files named above actually do? , or what are the for, I can find the ntoskrnl.exe file but not the other, the reason I ask that every time I defrag the h/drive the two files remain constantly red and are fragmented. Something I would like to fix as it annoys me
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    kerio 4 personal firewall

    help with kerio 4 personal firewall Hi, I have been using the above firewall about a week now, and have just noticed that after 30 days some of its abilities are reduced, does anyone know if after that the firewall is still ok, i'ts meant to be freeware. Many thanks.