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    media player classic flv not working in win7

    any good alternative all in one media players that i can replace media player classic with, that also play flv and 3gp? It seems mpc will no longer play flv or 3gp files since i installed win 7 (7077 and rc1 both affected). flv files play with sound but no picture, and 3gp just has an error...
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    error when trying to edit an image file

    Basically i right click a jpg and go to edit and get "windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. you may not have the appropriate permissions to access the file" It does this on every image file i try to edit. However I CAN open the file from within paint etc manually and i can...
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    how to stop an xp user account having net access?

    I have an XP Pro SP2 install with 2 user accounts. an admin account and a standard limited user account. What I want to do is prevent any net access from the limited user account and basically only allow access to a couple of games and nothing else.
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    unable to start upnp service in XP pro

    I have a Westell Versalink router with upnp enabled. XP pro SP2. msn messenger 6.2 says I can connected via a NON-upnp ip restricted NAT (but seems to work anyway strangely, even without port forwarding). However the upnp service in windows is NOT running and refuses to run. SSDP service...
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    problems with norton ghost 9

    Basically i want to mirror my drive onto an old backup drive so that if this drive drops dead, i just plug the other one in. Im running xp pro, sp2 and norton ghost 9. My primary drive is 80gb with a 68gb partition and a 12gb. My backup drive is a 28gb. I have 25gb of data on the drive i...
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    right click 'open with' is not cascaded, help

    never mind, sorted nevermind sorted it hehe
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    editing the default registry that installs on fresh xp installation?

    Just after some info on how to edit the default registry that would be installed on a fresh install of xp. since i am about to burn my slipstreamed XP i would like to have it so that it automatically sets things like my menu speed to 0, stops windows messenger loading with outlook express, uses...
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    conecting to msn msgr over web?

    cant run any progs at work what so ever, so is there a way to connect to my msn messenger account and talk to people via the web? should be possible as many have hacked the protocol so i assume theres a few website that will do this?
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    IE 6 problem in XP

    basically i cannot load it. double click the icon and IE opens, then closes itself. right click the icon and choose properties, and even that opens then closes itself. any ideas what it might be? it worked yesterday and i dont know what was done to the pc since i last used it.
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    XPPro SP1 + canon ixus digicam + 'scanner and camera' wizard problem

    Im having a nightmare getting windows to properly detect my new Canon ixus 400 digital camera via usb. I seem to have a problem with my winxp Pro (SP1+ updates) in that if i go to controlpanel/scanners and cameras and click 'add' i get an eggtimer for about half a second, and nothing...