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    OSNN Firewall Poll

    I used to use Zone Alarm, but after a while it forgot ALL of it's settings and refused to remember them ever again. Unistalled, and I just sit behind my Linksys router/firewall now.
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    Alternative to Ad-Shield for Opera?

    I've recently switched to Opera for the tabbed browsing capability. I hate all those IE items on the taskbar :/ I've really gotten used to using Ad-Shield to block banners/ads & servers at will, is there a way I can do that with Opera? Loading banners etc. is making it slower than IE +...
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    File & printer share refuse to work over network

    :D That anime is just to wierd not to be cool... Oh, and what gave me away? Was it the Lain reference or the subtley anime-themed sig pic? ;P Anyways... A ping to the computer name fails. A ping to the computer's IP address succeeds. I can tell it's getting an IP address by looking...
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    File & printer share refuse to work over network

    I only included what was going wrong, since everything else works... LAN games, internet access, etc. Plus, I didn't think they had any effect on this particular feature of windows networking.... In other words, try to avoid writing an essay on the subject. Router: Linksys...
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    File & printer share refuse to work over network

    OS: Win XP I have 4 computers connected via a peer-to-peer network at home. Two XP and one '98 computers are happily sharing files, and are visible in the network neighborhoud/workgroup view. The last computer simply doesn't do it. It is set up corretly as far as I know (the setup in...
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    Right Click Menu Crash

    Uninstalled PGP8 and the menus are back to normal now. very strange. sorry about the post. but u never know. joe bloggs might come along and fnid it handy when faced with the same problems. ps. F*&K PGP8 up its arse
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    Right Click Menu Crash

    Windows XP Sp1 (all updates) is my current OS 123GB (files) 40GB (main) 20GB (linux) 256DDR PC2100 AlthonXP 2Ghtz(1.67) when i right click a file the system crashes. basically i thought that this would be something that i installed recently. i uninstalled the newest programs that...
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    Any Ideas & Thoughts Of My Website?

    I think it says "loading." *closes* There's the patience of your average visitor :rolleyes:
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    Save Network Password - XP Home

    Surely this is a security feature?
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    Minimize to Active Desktop

    Yowch, that's a stinker lol Try asking in the programming section too, I'm guessing you'd need a language such as Visual Basic 6 or higher, or C++ to do that. I don't know of any "web" languages that can do it, but then again I don't really "know" any web languages :p
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    US from

    Isn't it 69-CHANGE-NOW? :p *Ponders the morality of picking on AOL users*
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    the picture before the Windows XP Boot screen

    There should be an option like "Silent boot" in the BIOS. That's how I disabled the damn TINY logo on my laptop.
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    Avatar Problems.

    Yeesh, You broadband kids. The majority of internet users connect via dial-up ya know :p Ah well. That is why I have adshield... *blocks a stupid 800KB avatar on another forum* HAH!
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    Avatars and signatures

    That's pretty good as sigs go Geffy :D And bleh, Mozilla. People could also use Adshield if they didn't want to switch browsers... heh, am I taking this too seriously? ^_^*
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    XP (sometimes) fails to use a re-dialled connection

    OK, like many UK 56K-ers I'm on ntlworld 'cos it's cheap. Annoyingly, it has the 2-hour cut off. This usually just results in a quiet curse and a click of "re-dial", but recently it's caused XP to fail to access internet resources after re-dialling. Not ONE BIT of data will be transferred no...
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    Mozilla Vs Internet Explorer!!

    Well I could change it so that I don't need a prefix at all, so nyah! :P erm, anyway... back to something resemlbing intellectual debate: People are complaining that IE tries to compensate for coding errors. Excuse me, but it that such a bad thing? Programmers are human. Humans make...
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    Mozilla Guide please

    I'm assuming that mozilla sticks the tabs inside it's own window rather than using the main windows taskbar? I can see that as an advantage since I'm limited to 1024x769 resolution (TFT laptop screen), and programs like Visual Studio and Dreamweaver, not to mention IM windows (AIM, MSN, ICQ...
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    Mozilla Vs Internet Explorer!!

    Yes, it would be nice if those options were available on install, particularly tabbed browsing. It's quite unlikely that MS will officially support freeware like ad-shield though. Ad-shield is the only extra I have installed, and it was painless in the extreme to install and get used to, so I...
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    Mozilla Vs Internet Explorer!!

    The two issues I want to answer here are the tabbed browsing and ad-blocking absent in IE...... which can easily fixed by installing an addon for each problem. I love Adshield. Maximum effect, minimum effort. Perfection in programming? The only ad I don't block is the crucial one on...
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    Making a very nice site!

    Hehe, sometimes I just don't bother to make my words sound nice, just go for brutally honest. In short, my point was that if your site doesn't look nice, no-one will bother looking at it for more than a few seconds.