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    Alternative to Ad-Shield for Opera?

    I've recently switched to Opera for the tabbed browsing capability. I hate all those IE items on the taskbar :/ I've really gotten used to using Ad-Shield to block banners/ads & servers at will, is there a way I can do that with Opera? Loading banners etc. is making it slower than IE +...
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    File & printer share refuse to work over network

    OS: Win XP I have 4 computers connected via a peer-to-peer network at home. Two XP and one '98 computers are happily sharing files, and are visible in the network neighborhoud/workgroup view. The last computer simply doesn't do it. It is set up corretly as far as I know (the setup in...
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    Right Click Menu Crash

    Windows XP Sp1 (all updates) is my current OS 123GB (files) 40GB (main) 20GB (linux) 256DDR PC2100 AlthonXP 2Ghtz(1.67) when i right click a file the system crashes. basically i thought that this would be something that i installed recently. i uninstalled the newest programs that...
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    XP (sometimes) fails to use a re-dialled connection

    OK, like many UK 56K-ers I'm on ntlworld 'cos it's cheap. Annoyingly, it has the 2-hour cut off. This usually just results in a quiet curse and a click of "re-dial", but recently it's caused XP to fail to access internet resources after re-dialling. Not ONE BIT of data will be transferred no...
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    icons on my active desktop.... and mebbe one or two other probs

    hmm. They look nice in the folder (and yes, I did just "borrow" them from the Shell32.dll etc :P) but bad in the html section. Any advice on how to fix this? Preferably not involving editing the icon files ;) This smacks of clashing colour depths to me but I dunno how to fix it. Also, how...
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    Neverwinter Nights

    Anyone else having the problem of this game running really badly? I'm still puzzling over my stupid framrate... 1.1GHz PIII (512MB - 32MB = 480MB RAM) 32MB S3 graphics twister (because it's a laptop) UJDA 710 DVD + CD-WR combo drive Stupid bugs. The SecuROM protection doesn't help...
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    So many services... How do I know which ones are safe to kill?!

    run --> MSCONFIG --> Services tab. There are dozens of services :confused: Right now my windows system has over 27 processes running (one of which is coolmon ;)) and uses 200MB of RAM when idling. If I run clearmem it goes down to about 160MB tho. Do please point me to anywhere that...
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    How to enable the "My Computer" security zone?

    windows help = useless, as usual.
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    Butt-ugly BIOS cover image

    OK when I start up my laptop, it displays the manufacturer's logo instead of the system startup info (HDDs, mem etc.) It's ugly so I turned it off. What I want to know is, can I change it to a graphic of my choice? :D
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    DVD region-free: Fools RPC-2 (hardware-locked) drives

    So basically you can play DVD movies from any region with this software running. This shareware fools both the drive's firmware and the DVD player software. It's not final yet so don't be surprised if there's a bug or two, just report them. Very cool proggy! Unfortunately the link...
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    OK, probably a stupid question, but...

    Is it possible to have an animated gif as your account icon (the one next to your name on the start menu) without it just showing the first frame? The default ones are all very well, but a bit of animation on the welcome screen would look very cool! (Me likes cool things lol) I haven't seen...
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    How to take a screen capture of a movie file under XP?

    Using the print screen key does copy the screen, but has bizarre results when I paste it into a paint program. If the file is still playing, the copied image will also move in the image editor. Even saving the file while the movie is paused doesn't work.
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    Must... kill... real media message centre...

    It's loading up with windows, and I don't want it to (every so often, it pops up over the system tray informing me of something that I'm completely uninterested in). Tried using startup.exe (in the tweaks section of this site) to disable it, but it re-enabled itself :rolleyes: Thanks, real.
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    Hidden accounts? (BAD microsoft!)

    OK, someone posted this: Did you know that the home version of XP has 2 hidden accounts for the Microsoft helpdesk? That's right. When you connect onto the net, they can access your account. You won't find it on your computer unless you have USRMGR, which I do have. I'm not sure if it's on...
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    Multiple displays

    relevent system info: Laoptop/notebook computer win XP (of course ;)) S3 twister/hotkey integrated 16MB AGP card with: direct link to laptop screen Monitor output TV (S-Video I think) output Problem: I want to set up an extended desktop/display (instead of just the same image on...