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    Best Backup App?

    Norton Ghost is also a very good back up app. It has saved my bacon more times than I can count.
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    Hip Hip Horaay!

    All I can say is it is about time. Bush as been a bit of a disappointment to me but I still think he is a far cry better than anyone else in the running.
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    building a new system, need some opinions

    It is my understanding that a Xeon is meant for Server system. If you are building a normal workstation I would stick with the P4.
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    Happy Birthday, gonaads!

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    I have to agree we ordered one the other night and it was just not enough to feed 4 people like the advertisement leads you to believe
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    Strange sound problem

    Do you know the name of the file? Maybe a Google search might turn up something on it.
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    Memory has gone missing

    Yeah that is what they are saying, it is called reseting the memory. You might also try it in different slots.
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    CPU Cooling Software is it a Myth??

    Problem with these cooling programs is that they only cool the CPU when it is idle. They do nothing for load temps. This causes more expansion and contraction when the CPU gets a load placed on it and then is cooled off again. I have read several times that this expansion is more detrimental to...
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    Micheal has been inspired by Janet

    I am fairly confident that the picture is not for real and is just a Photo Shop job and was only meant as a joke. Dubbin1 I believe that "IT" is the proper term to describe "IT"
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    Micheal has been inspired by Janet

    What more can be said....
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    fav cookie/snack?

    M&M's candy
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    How Did You Get Your User Name?

    Dadx2mj Dad = who I am x = times 2 = 2 mj = my two kids initials
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    Norton Antivirus 2004 Activation

    Just one more reason for me to stick with System Works 2003. I have yet to hear anything good about 2004
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    The other word game

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    can someone suggest a nice optical mouse

    I used to swear by my MS Intelieye Explorer. I swore they would have to pry it from my cold dead hand to get it from me. Then I tried a Logitech MX500. Now the Explorer does closet duty and they will have to pry my MX500 from my cold dead hand if they want to take it from me :D
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    Sound media format conversion

    Another vote for dbpoweramp!!! Great little program it is easy to use works good and is FREE!!!
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    Dopey Leggo Land

    LMAO someone has too much time on their hands :D
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    Mydoom Virus Author says he is sorry

    Isn't that a joke!!! If he is sorry why did he do it in the first place? I hope they catch the guy and give him what he deserves.
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    Omega Overclock Drivers

    Xle is right the 9500 has 8 pipelines while the 9600 only has 4. The 9500 is actually much closer to a 9700 than a 9600 is. I have not tried using those drivers but I would stick to the "for 9500 only" if I was you.
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    Avant Browser Can't Access Windows Update?

    Almost positive that you have to use IE to get to Windows Update. If it is still failing using IE then something else is wrong. Sorry not much help here.