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    REDS are Champs !!!

    UEFA aren't changing the rules, looks like they won't be able to defend the trophy next season afterall.
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    Happy B-day Taggert

    Happys days :D
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    TorrentBits Tracker

    The source code from TBSource is over a year old now, it needs alot of work to get it up to scratch.
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    Happy Birthday Glaanieboy

    Happy Birthday :D
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    Will the stupidity never end?!

    (22:17:02) (@[JA]Jimmy) whats with girls leaving hints, and not saying it (22:17:21) (@Qwertywasd) I LOVE YOU JIMMY (22:17:23) (@Qwertywasd) COME **** ME (22:17:41) (@[JA]Jimmy) see, men just say it.. Hehe :p
  6. C [Rebirth]

    Very nice indeed :D
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    does anyone else here hate itunes?

    Ephpod does everything I need(ed), just need to sort my iPod out now.
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    Another eBay madness

    Haha, thats great!
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    What are you listening to?

    Michael Buble - Home
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    Where's EP

    Boozy weekends are alright once in a while, but when you still feel the effects on Monday morning you know you're getting old :)
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    DVI or Analogue

    One on both, and as already said you won't notice a difference with the displays.
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    Screen Corruption

    Glad to hear the problem is resolved :D
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    Brothers in Arms

    Same here, got it but not had chance to sit and play yet.
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    What was #1 on the day of your birth?

    Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - Culture Club
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    Where's EP

    Hah, I did give the rep so shush ;)
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    Futuremark's 3DMark05 Benchmarks

    Sounds like a corrupt installation file to me, have you tried downloading it again?
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    What are you listening to?

    Summerlove - Remember
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    new 3rd Batman Begins movie poster

    Does actually look decent, the Batmobile looks mean as anything :)
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    Call Of Duty 2 Screenie

    Wow, looks good :D
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    Word Association