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    The Project - by Crytek and ATI

    I think those are still DX9 parts
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    [USA - WTB] PS2 Games

    Hey, Tryin to pick up some christmas time ps2 games for cheap, lookin for the following under 20 a piece but I am reasonable so haggling is possible for 20+: Kingdom Hearts FFX Guilty Gear XX
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    MSI 865PE Neo2-PFS (Platinum Edition)

    I can't control my acp/pci freq and my poor craptastic 9200 doesn't like being run at 80mhz, now the MSI 865PE Neo2-PFISR has agp/pci freq control, so my question is, did I get hoodwinked by a marketing ploy. Do they just say platinum edition and then make it suck, or am I just not using the...
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    Why do I have to use www?

    I run an apache serv and up until recently I didn't have to put www infront of my domain to get it to work, but now I have to, I use zoneedit to control my DNS and I use directupdate to update it, does anyone know why this change occured?
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    IIS vs Apache

    I was just curious about which one most of you deal with more and which one seems to be more functional
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    BEFW11S4 and verizon DSL

    I was trying to help one of my friends out with his dsl connection that just crapped out a few days ago and he uses a BEFW11S4 from linksys to split the connection, I went into the router config and its getting an IP from verizon but for some odd reason its not sharing the IC with the comps, all...
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    Neo FSR2 and jumping voltages

    MSI finally rma'd my board but they stole my retention mount..anyone have spares?
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    Neo FSR2 and jumping voltages

    I got the board from accupc because it was fairly cheaper than newegg, and I can't even tell where or if theres damage, no fry marks or anything and the board is pretty functional still its just the hdd controllers, which was an option on the MSI RMA site, and I got approved for RMA, I just have...
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    Neo FSR2 and jumping voltages

    I know the southbridge is affected because both raid controllers and pata controllers are out of whack and refuse to boot windows under any circumstances the only OS i can run on that PC right now is Knoppix running from the ram, I know its not the hdd because I've tried mutliple ones that work...
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    Neo FSR2 and jumping voltages

    I'm not sure how to read this thing says 396 on the 12+ its a brand new power supply..I had to replace the old one..and I don't know what a swollen cap looks like but it doesn't look too swollen..and if it jumped through the IC wouldn't it have fried everything else in its path including...
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    Neo FSR2 and jumping voltages

    Yes its the K8T800 board, I'm in the process of trying to get it RMA'd but for the past couple of hours its run knoppix 3.4 and been at full load running folding@home..First time I got an OS to boot from it even though it runs off the ram drive...can't boot from IDE or SATA drives on the Via...
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    Neo FSR2 and jumping voltages

    It was skipping between 4.5 and 5, its the official bios, isn't up to date, by no end of troubles i mean, it stopped working after an electrical storm, replaced the psu from generic 500W to OCZ powerstream 470W, now I can't get to a single OS that runs from a harddrive, leading me to think the...
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    Neo FSR2 and jumping voltages

    I was just sitting around in bios..and noticed that the battery V and the vcore on this mobo keep jumping this normal? I've had no end of trouble with this this a fixable problem or is it whats been causing all of my problems?
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    Windows just won't boot

    I've used Geil ram, Kingston and generic, none of them make any difference in any slot..and I can get knoppix to run on this system..but yet to get a windows installation running
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    Windows just won't boot

    I am still trying to ressurect my a64 rig for some unknown reaso and I've tried multiple hdds with different installs of windows and none of them will this a mobo problem? when trying to install fresh it always seems to lock at 25% for more than an hour on both new and used IDE and SATA...
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    Bad 30 days in tech for kanbeki, the death of the 686

    Last night my friends mom handed me her old cyrix, I was pretty confident that I could get it running again, she said that it hadn't been starting up, cleaned out the heatsink a bit, put down some new thermalpaste, it fired up like a charm..get to windows and it locks, so I was like oh must be a...
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    Voltage Problems perhaps?

    Since my A64 rig was just pissing me off beacause its still all crazy even with a new psu..I decided to canabalize it and shove some of the parts into the p4 since they were better..I added 512 of ram and the 9600XT..and then suddenly once I started up my SBlive and Tv Tuner weren't listed in...
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    Dual Mons Via 9200 and good ol Vodoo3

    I was digging through my spare parts and unearthed my trusty Vodoo3, since it was pci I was udner the dumb assumption that windows would just let me use it along side of my agp 9200, no biggie, but no, windows would be stable for a little bit..and then reboot, I took out my 9200 and stability...
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    WarCraft III The Reign Of Chaos

    I'm alright at both RoC and TFT
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    AUX 6-pin power cable

    I have sat for hours upon hours wondering what the heck the aux power does on my atx ps..I mean..could I get an adapter for it so I could run all my lighting and fans off that instead of having to use my four precious molex's in an endless daisychain or what..I have no idea what to do with the...