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    Restricting Acces to Internet

    Hi Folks, Sort of a newbie here. My question is this. I have a small network at home with 5 pc's connected and they all can see each other as well as browse the internet. However what I want to do is restrict internet access on 2 of the pc's (the kids machines) so that they will only be able...
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    Can't send email with outlook 2003

    :confused: As the title says, I have recently upgraded to Office 2003 from Office Xp. Now when I open my email client (outlook 2003) I can receive email with no problems however, I cannot send email at all. I have tried Outlook Express and I am able to send and receive with no problems. The...
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    Can't get USB Open host controler to start after boot up

    :confused: :mad: As the title says "Can't get USB Open host controler to start after boot up" Details: My friends computer is a 466mh Celeron on a PCCHIPS M741LMRT 1.4 board. with 192m ram. Running Win2K with SP4. Onboard auio, video, lan and modem. When I install drivers for the...