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    Computer up grade lol

    Computer upgrade "A few months ago, I upgraded from DrinkingMates 4.2 to Girlfriend 1.0 Which I had been told for years wouldn't give me any trouble. However, there are apparently conflicts between these two products and the only solution...
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    Tagan power supply problem

    hi guys i have just got a tagan 480w psu (TG480-U01) and was just trying to work out which 4 pins go into my 6800 ultra without blowing the thing up :dead: . does it matter i see on some of the 4 pins it has s1 and s2 ? other than those i just have 2 pci express cables which are no good to me...
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    Brothers in Arms

    Hi guys :) Anyone played this yet? Gonna get it soon. Have a good weekend :laugh:
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    Check out the tits on this :)

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    6800 gt Am i missing something?? Why is this card so cheap? Seems like a bargain :)
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    Counter Strike Source

    Hi guys hope all is good :) I was wondering if there was an osnn server for this game, thought it would be cool to play against you all :D or with you :p
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    SP2 Prob

    After installing sp2 it just kept restarting constantly... :mad: Had to uninstall any ideas on haw to fix i have 3800+ 64 (939)
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    Custom pc benchmark Competition

    It would be interesting if we all had a go at this to see where we are with our pc's, and what needs of upgrading should be highest on our to do list, :) I believe this is only available for uk users, you'll have to check. Go out and get this months edition of custom pc. It's the beat the...
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    6800 Gt

    With all the different companys making this card is there one that sticks out from the crowd or are they about the same but different bundles, i.e Gainward, Leadtek, Point of view and Msi to name a few. Thanks for any replies in this matter :) tommy
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    power supply

    Hi guys just fitted a thermal take butterfly 480 watt psu.. I have one question.. I have a fan controller to fit with this however i have 2 fan ports that i can see both are fitted with front and rear fans so where does this other connector go? i have the a8v delux mobo 939 and 3800+...
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    Memory question

    Hi guys what do you think of this? Corsair® 1024Mb TwinX XMS3200XL Pro X-Treme Low Latency Memory Kit with Activity LEDs (2 x 512MB) Would it be compatible with the a8v deluxe mobo from asus? any views would be great
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    Wave Master

    Hi Guys! Just wondering if anyone owns the coolermaster wave master... Any good do you think? or can you advise me on a different case.
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    Christopher Lawrence

    If you want to listen to a good trance set then listen to Christopher Lawrence's Essential mix from radio one. It is one of the best sets i've heard this year... :D
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    Start button

    Hi there :) Is it possible to change the colour of the start button? :confused:
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    Battlefield Vietnam Goes Gold

    Hey good news for all you online gamers out there... EA is pleased to announce that Battlefield Vietnam has officially gone gold for the PC. The game is set to ship nationwide to retailers under the EA GAMES brand on Monday, March 15. Can't wait!!! ;)
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    What way do i choose

    Hi guys looking to upgrade my pc soon and not too sure what to get... I am going to upgrade mobo and cpu, been looking at amd 64's ( are they the way forward?) mobo i have looked at is K8T800 Athlon64. ideally i would want a mobo that would last a while and for gaming but i want to just...
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    Hi guys just wondering what is the best firewall about at the moment... I have zone alarm pro at the moment