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    Will vista run ok on my laptop

    I've just bought an oem version of vista ultimate. I'm wandering if enyone can tell me how it will run on my laptop (see sig). I'll be upgrading the ram to 2 gig at some point soon but is it still ok with 1 gig? Will I have any problems with world of warcraft running on it? Also when I move...
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    Ad's in messenger.

    Does anyone know how to get rid of the ad's banner in windows messenger. I did it in previous versions but I can't remember how I did it. Thanks Doom
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    New super mario bros

    I got this game a week ago on US import. It's the first import I've bought in years and I must say I'm impressed. The game only cost me £30 (a far cry from buying imports years ago). The game itself is very much like the first super mario on the nes. It's much better though and has loads of...
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    Office 2007 changed my fonts

    Well that or the new windows desktop search. It's just the same as internet explorer 7 does accept it's on the rest of my stuff like desktop icons and writing underneath. firefox as well(just the icons at the top plus writing not the web page itself). I managed to sort it in internet explorer...
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    Friend fried his motherboard what one do I get?

    A friend of mine just fried his motherboard. It's t p4 3gig cpu. He got it 2 years ago. I'm looking to replace it for him. can ahyone tell me what socket motherboard he will need? Cheers
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    What vista version should I download?

    I have just been put on the beta program. I'm not sure what version I should download and install though. Build 5342 (x86) or build 5342 (x64). Can anyone help. My laptop spec is in my sig. Doom
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    Pc not booting & can't get into bios.

    Hi folks. I have a friend that is having problems with his pc. His pc will not boot to windows. It sticks at the post screen. The keyboard is'nt being picked up so I can't access the bios. Every thing else seems to be picked up , hard drives and so on, or so it says on the post screen...
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    Wife spilled beer allover my amilo m3438g laptop

    My wife has just spilled beer all over my amilo 3438g laptop. It was on when she did this and it cut out. When I lifted up the laptop Beer was poring out of it. Now I'm pretty sure it's shorted out now and wont work at all. Thing is it's still soaking inside and out so I ain't going to attempt...
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    Windows keeps shutting down

    I have a problem with my desktop and I'm hoping someone can give me a bit of advice. Windows keeps shutting down. The machine can run for an hour or a day or two. It shuts down at different times never the same. A while back I had to change out the psu coz it died out on me (it was just...
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    Access another laptop on me wireless network?

    I bought myself a new laptop a few months ago with a belkin wireless router. Today I bought my wife a new laptop too (so I could get my one back when I'm home from offshore). Now i'm totally new to networking. Does anyone know of any networking guides? What I'm really looking for is...
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    Raid driver/controler

    I bought a new laptop a few months ago and have just set up a raid 0 array on it. I've noticed though that the driver disk I got comes with a via raid controler on it. Is it necessary that I use this. Does windows not have it's own raid driver? Thing's seem to be running really well with out...
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    Internet explorer buttons disapeered.

    Im having a bit of a problem with internet explorer. At the top of the page where you normally have your search, favorites and home ect they seem to have been pushed over to the right hand side with little pull down menus. Even the address bar seems to have disapeered. Does anyone know how I...
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    Termaltake cooler pretty amasing.

    I just got myself one of those thermaltake silent heatsinks and it's good. temps seem to be pretty much on par with coolermasters jet 7 wich costs more and is damn noisy. My temps on the jet 7 were 45-46c when set on a pretty high/nosy level. Even on low speed I found the noise of the jet 7...
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    Copy protection has gone to far. I tend to agree with this. I hate spyware being installed on my pc without my knowlage or anything else for that matter.
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    Auto insert?

    I just installed fireburner and I didn't notice the option it gave me to disable auto insert on my cd drives. I've tryed to enable them again within fireburner but they still aint booting as normall. Is there any way withing windows to enable them again?
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    Frame limiter for games?

    Is there a program out there that will limit the fps within my games? A good example where this would be usefull for me would be colin mcrea 4. I run all my games with vsink on. I find that when I run the game at my monitors highest refresh rate (100 hz) I get lots of slow down. The lower I...
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    Processor update on update site.

    On the update site for xp there is an update in the drivers bit called Advanced micro devices processor software update released december 17th 2002. Does anyone know what this is? I have been having problems with xp in the past and I think that this update could be the cause. I installed win...
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    Windows update site.

    Has anyone else been having problems getting onto windows update site today? I've just installed win 2000 an and i'm finding that the update site wont load. I hope I dont have to reinstall
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    Two thing's on the same IRQ and my graphics card

    I was noticing that my graphics card wasn't performing as it should and I've just noticed that something else is on the same IRQ as it. It's the IEEE 1394 Bus host controler. I have no idea what this is or how to get it onto a different IRQ. Can anyone help
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    GA-6BXE. Help!!

    Can anyone help? I have put in new bios for this board for a friend (so he could use a bigger hard drive). The new Bios version is F3A. Now the pc wont boot at all. When I turn on the pc (dont have to use the button at the front now it comes on when I turn on the psu) it just sits there on a...