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    Warcraft problem

    Umm.. there was once a thread that discussed about a certain error in warcraft 3 which looks like this: Know any way to fix it???
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    OMG! This is pissing me off.....

    OK. Lets start. My games are already irritating me. Almost all my games are crashing for some unknown reason!! Even the old school Starcraft is crashing!! It's pissing me off!! What do you recommend me to do? Where should I start??? :confused: BTW. Can you list some of the most...
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    Best way to convert swf to avi

    What software do you recommend which converts swf files to avi files?
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    The difference

    Whats the difference between an intel centrino and a normal intel pentium processor? When it comes to prices with laptops, a centrino 1.4 ghz has a small price difference with a pentium 4 2.4 ghz. They all have the same specs and stuff. :confused: :confused:
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    Pic hosting

    Do you guys know any sites which offer free image hosting?
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    N-gage help

    Specially for those n-gage owners: (forgive me)Dont know where to post this but anyway, I just got n-gage(YAY!!! :p ) and want to put mp3s in it. The problem is that nokia audio manager doesn't detect it. (Meaning my n-gage connected via usb) I just heard that you need a mmc...
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    ActiveX notification

    How do i turn this notification off?
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    Windows notepad view

    It isn't exactly a problem but it's irritating me. How do i set the default view of notepad? So when i open it, the view will be maximized.
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    Overclocking question

    Despite my temps, what do you think is preventing me from changing my fsb? Heres a zip file with screen shots from cpu-z.
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    Requesting boot screen

    Can any of you guys make me a boot screen?? Use this image: Or you can provide a link for making one. Thanks. (noone will ask me to search now, there isn't anything in the forums! ;) )