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    Bobby Ginn Purchases Majority Interest in MB2 Motorsports Ownership Change for NASCAR Team Takes Effect Immediately CELEBRATION, Fla. (July 26, 2006) -- MB2 Motorsports, which fields NASCAR Nextel Cup entries for drivers Joe Nemechek and Sterling Marlin, has announced a change of ownership. Real estate developer...
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    I highly recommend Parallels if you have an Intel based Mac. It runs great. So much more stable and faster than Virtual PC. I have W2k3 Server ENT running on My 1.83Ghz MacBook Pro with 1.5GB RAm and it runs better than some of the standalone servers I manage.
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    hey sports fans!

    Check out my new site and join the forums. I want the forums to be like an online sports bar. This means you can cuss and discuss any and all sports. If you can start some heated arguments then go for it!
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    php: Dynamic Titles...

    How would I go about doing dynamic title with php? I would like it so that the page title would be the name of the page being called. for example. Would be titled About.
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    3com 5000 Series Router....

    Anyone have any experience configuring one of these?
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    Drive Monitoring Utility?

    I am looking for a utility to monitor drive space on some servers. Needs to be able to send an email when a specified threshhold is reached. Thanks
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    Attention Football Fans!

    I just started a new online community dedicated to football. Please stop by and check us out. It just went live today so not much there yet. Hopefully some of you can help fix that. :P Click my sig for the link. Thanks penguin
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    Need some help with page coding

    I am trying to get my code to validate to XHTML 1.1 and am having some issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You can see what I am workign on at It displays properly in IE but not in other browsers. I would hope getting all the code...
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    I have recently redesigned my site,, and I would love some comments and suggestions for it. Please stop by for a visit (and hopefully register and contribute ;)). Thanks Penguin
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    Anyone want to share their BBQ secrets?
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    Anyone have one of these? If so will it control your vcr for you?
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    I need of a script...

    I have to add and change permissions on about 100 directories on a linux box. I would like to create a script to do this for me. Any ideas?
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    Kernel 2.6.x

    Kernel 2.6.0 Just wanted to say that this kernel is a big performance improvement. :P