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    from default to grayscale

    can someone grayscale these icons for me? so they'll match with my taskbar. i tried to do it by myself, but i couldn't handle it.
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    remove recycle from desktop

    how can i get rid of recycle bin icon from desktop? i just want it being seen on yz' dock.
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    changing show desktop icon

    is there any other possibilitys to change show desktop icon. my icon packager can't do this.
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    Sof 2 Mp Demo

    is here in the forum any sof2 players. if there is, then what's your name in the game. usually i play demo, but sometimes full also. you can see me with that name [d|n|b] -=DeeJott=-
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    top 5 themes

    what themes you think are de best?? here's my top 5: 1. Dragonstyle 2. Focus 3. Chaninja 4. BigX 5. and different kind of macosx themes
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    so what kind of music style you like most? i like drum & bass, jungle, breakbeat, 2step, uk garage, trip hop, little bit of oldskool hip hop ...
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    how can i make my rainlendar work?? i downloaded one from deskmod, but i dont know how to make it work.
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    speaker test

    so what kind of speakers do you have?? here's mine - makes great noise and it's good to listen drum & bass with these.