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    Outlook 2003

    Re: Outllok 2003 Yes you can. Simply go to your sent items and open the item you sent, then click on actions and click on recall message. That should do the trick for you. I use it at work and it works fine. Although I have yet to try it from my home pc. Hope this helps. Cheers, Moonacres
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    Restricting Acces to Internet

    OKay yes I have that screen admiral but when I input the info the pc's still have access. This is what I have inputted: The settings listed are for 1 pc to start off. I wanted to test first before implementing it. Again thanks to all for your help and suggestions. Cheers
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    Restricting Acces to Internet

    Hi Folks, Sort of a newbie here. My question is this. I have a small network at home with 5 pc's connected and they all can see each other as well as browse the internet. However what I want to do is restrict internet access on 2 of the pc's (the kids machines) so that they will only be able...
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    Palm M505: Questions, mainly about software

    Hi Punkrulz, You can get a lot of info at this site Search the forums for your make. Hope this helps. cheers
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    Can't send email with outlook 2003

    :confused: As the title says, I have recently upgraded to Office 2003 from Office Xp. Now when I open my email client (outlook 2003) I can receive email with no problems however, I cannot send email at all. I have tried Outlook Express and I am able to send and receive with no problems. The...
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    GMail Invites

    Thanks milecastle just signed up.
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    free Linux kit from Novell SuSe

    Tested the link today and it worked so I ordered my set. WOOHOO!!!!!
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    Can't get USB Open host controler to start after boot up

    :confused: :mad: As the title says "Can't get USB Open host controler to start after boot up" Details: My friends computer is a 466mh Celeron on a PCCHIPS M741LMRT 1.4 board. with 192m ram. Running Win2K with SP4. Onboard auio, video, lan and modem. When I install drivers for the...