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    Installing Vista on 4gb computer

    I am running vista64 bit ultimate, with 4 gigs of ram, and so far i havent had any issues with any application, or games. Any 32 bit apps install on the 32 bit program folder directory and work and behave like they do on a 32 bit OS, those apps that are made for 64bit OS's install on the...
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    Advisory: Stop buying creative audio products

    wow..i rarely post, specially when is simply a comment, but i feel i must now. I've been a creative user for many years, and probably 6 months ago bought what i believe is my last card...further more, i WILL call creative tomorrow and demand my money back, since ive been un able to use their...
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    Tomato 1.13 released

    is it much better than the official firmware? first time ive seen this.
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    The Official Windows Mobile Discussion Thread Best OS for the 8525.
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    World's best hacker

    LOL, this is clasic stuff....:laugh:
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    Merge two .avi files.

    Vivid you rule bro..that site rocks...thanks!
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    Merge two .avi files.

    So i have two 400mb video files (.avi) which i would like to merge into one of perhaps the same format (.avi). The files are recordings i made with my new video camera of a camping trip and i would like to make a dvd to give out to some of my friends who went along. Is there a decent app...
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    how to use dos

    make a boot will love this program to me.
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    Red eye removal app?....

    fellas.....thank you soo much.. I assumed that photoshop would have the tool to remove it, but i am soooooo ignorant when it comes down to picture editing that i would of never figured out how to use it. in any case, i suck at life, and google is your friend...
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    Red eye removal app?....

    Hello everyone, Quick question, I am looking for a easy to use program that might help me remove RED EYE effect from pictures (it seems i have a bad camera flash)..... Anyone has any recomendations? Thanks in advance..
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    ms outlook blocking files reg hack?....

    Hello everyone, I remember some time ago, someone having a reg edit that would eneable, or rather disable the security settings in outlook to block files such as a .exe or other that might be harmfull to the machine. I however need at times send and receive these kind of files, and would be...
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    Is EQ2 any good?

    Everquest......and everquest is the devil..
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    Winamp gone?

    one more f%%%ing reason to hate AOL....ugh...:mad:
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    .MSI Builders, suggestion...

    .MSI Builders, suggestions?... Simple question folks.... I am in search of a simple msi builder program to package some updates, etc, for my pcs, and personal knowledge. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Toothbrush overclock LOL to come later....and like holy ****..i will keep my 5 dollar regular non overclocked one :p ;) :D