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    What does this error message mean?

    I hate to say it but your memory is probably failing. Download memtest and test your memory
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    Welcome back, xsk8zerox!

    Oh! Hello Jewelzz its very nice to see you again. Im in the chatroom now, drop me a line.
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    Backup Documents and Settings over Network

    Right click on my computer hit properties go to the advanced tap and select setting under "User Profiles" Select the one you want to copy and hit copy to then select the directory you want these files saved to and press ok
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    Welcome back, xsk8zerox!

    Thank you NetRyder, it has been awhile but here I am back again. I also need help check my thread in the motherboard section
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    AMD sempron 2800+

    the 3000+ and the 3100+ are s754
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    this is not my help!!!!

    Ive seen this issue before, chances are you bios doesnt support the size of drive your putting in there (im guessing 200gb) try a bios flash if that doesnt work your probably SOL
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    My Bios Won't recover!!!!!!

    heres what you do, CMOS checksum errors normally indicate a bad BIOS chip. Call asus tech support 510 739 3777 and tell them what happened and they will send you a new chip, you can just swap them out and you should be all set.
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    Motherboard/BIOS question for all you Gurus

    Hey, Heres wierd problem thats been happening to me lately. I have been building alot of systems lately with the Asus A7N8x-VM/400 mobo using the integrated video and Corsair Value Select RAM PC2700 and Memtest passes and everything. So heres the problem, everytime an OpenGL application...
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    SP2 Continually Restarting (not AMD64 or UMAX)

    check out this link;en-us;873161&Product=windowsxpsp2
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    Best game(s) for the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis

    Shining Force was by far the best video game for the sega, its probably one of my all time favorites.
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    Mobility ATi

    I have the mobility 9700 in my notebook and i highly reccomend it. I would try to go with a 128 meg version though.
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    guess whos back

    of course
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    guess whos back

    so wheres all the CS being played at?
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    guess whos back

    tell a friend
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    IE problem with 98

    Alrite this is on my friends computer and i havent been able to witness it myself but what he discribed to me is: he just formatted and installed 98 and now every time he opens a webpage he get prompted for a password which he never set up and it wont let him any further. anyone have any idea why?