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    Word Association

    Wu shu.
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    Happy Birthday ElectronicPunk

    Hey EP ... happy birthday mate!
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    my ten year aniversary

    Looking at the join date, yes I was.
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    my ten year aniversary

    Not sure when I joined ... Edit: Before everyone that has posted here so far :P
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    Happy Birthday Perris!

    The forums say that you are turning a 109 years old, although I sincerely doubt that I do wish you a happy birthday!
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    Windows 7 doesn't see my IBM Model M PS/2 keyboard

    I can honestly say that I have fallen in love with Apple's keyboards. They have the same travel distance as a laptop keyboard (even have the same construction) but it feels solid, there is a real buckle to them. Whereas the Microsoft keyboard I am using temporarily annoys the hell out of me...
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    Windows 7 doesn't see my IBM Model M PS/2 keyboard

    I liked the feel of the Model M. The USB keyboard I have now is mushy and I sometimes don't hit the keys hard enough to get a key press out of it.
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    Happy 2012!

    Happy New year! Best wishes everyone and I hope your dreams come true.
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    Windows 7 doesn't see my IBM Model M PS/2 keyboard

    Tried the rescan for non-PNP no dice. During the booting process I can keep flicking the num lock on and off until a certain point where Windows loads the keyboard driver and at that point it simply freezes with the numlock light on. USB keyboards work just fine. I've given my Model M away to...
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    Windows 7 doesn't see my IBM Model M PS/2 keyboard

    I have a Dell knock-off IBM Model M (from what I have heard these knockoffs were authorised) but for some reason Windows 7 does not see it at all. It is plugged into the PS/2 port and the BIOS is able to use it without issues, but as soon as I am started into Windows it refuses to let me use it...
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    Happy Birthday Evil Marge!

    Happy 43rd (that is what the forums say!) Birthday Evil Marge!
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    HP Touchpad Quiet Headphone Volume

    I've noticed this issue as well ... made it impossible to watch videos on an airplane. I ended up using my headphones with a small amplifier in built-in (and noise cancelation).
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    what is a tinyint in C#?

    In C# you can have a type named "byte" which is 8 bits wide: Integral Types Table (C#)
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    Media Player Suggestions?

    VLC works perfectly with subtitles ... in most cases if the subtitles are named the same as the video file with the srt extension it works perfectly. Also if you have videos that have multiple subtitle tracks (mpeg4 container, matroska container) it will allow you to easily select between...
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    8 Core AMD FX Processor blows intel 980x clean away at half the price!

    The 8 core winning is not necessarily guaranteed, it depends on how easy the load is to distribute among those cores ... how easy is it to parallalize the code doing the actual work?