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    OSX on PC

    "The main reason why OSX will not run on the PC is because of digital hardware. Unlike the PC, which uses analog signals to create digital code, Apple's hardware runs completely digital. Information is handled digitally at the motherboard level, rather than analog like on the PC." PCs are not...
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    Application starts up then dies - why?

    I just got through solving this problem with photoshop 7 on a computer. The app would start then disappear from the picture. Reinstalls wouldn't solve problem. finally ran spybot S&D and found some vermin. deleted it, removed all mention of Photoshop from registry. rebooted and reinstalled...
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    CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo!

    I had the same problem with the roxio software that comes with xp-Pro. Have you downloaded the driver updates from the roxio site. You also may want to try the eval version of nero (available on the nero website). I got fed up with the roxio s/w and deleted it from my machine. Nero is allowing...
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    Cd spanning with Nero

    Don't know if it is still around, but winimage used to enable you to span discs without a lot of hassle. 'nother way to do this would be mp3--> wav, then use audio program to split into separate discs. This would avoid problems with where the split occurs.
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    W2K and Office-100% cpu

    Thanks everyone for your quick assistance. I ran Spysweeper and told it to remove anything it found. The system is up and running and all appears right with the world. It looks like I had a parasitic infection.
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    W2K and Office-100% cpu

    I reinstalled win2k and am still getting the problem. I am going to run Spysweeper and see what it come up with.
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    W2K and Office-100% cpu

    Sorry, the machine has McAfee Enterprise edition running on it, I also did a complete scan before I went through the rest of the troubleshooting and relinstall. Nothing was detected.
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    W2K and Office-100% cpu

    This is a bizarre problem. Running Office 2000 premium on a Win 2000 machine. Everything fine at shutdown. Start next day and open Word. CPU goes to 100%, Word never shows in Applications on Task Manager, Menus and tool bars are absent on Word window, although they may appear if you move your...