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    Filesharing Permissions in XP

    put both machine in the same workgroup in the share permissions on the shared folder, set the user kfarris to have full control, and set everyone to have read only
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    dick471: should work with ntfs
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    all you have to do is boot to a win 98 boot floppy and use the command --> fdisk /mbr
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    Best wireless router?

    the nature of wireless right now is that it is not secure, no matter what type of encryption you's getting better, but the encryption algorithms are weak/broken so don't expect to be secure when using wireless!!
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    Best wireless router?

    I have a linksys and never have had a problem with it
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    HTML Editors...

    it's basic, but you can use Open Office
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    Ethernet Card - How To Check It?

    Pinging the local loopback ( will tell you of the PROTOCOLS are functioning properly on the computer...not the physical card. Pinging your own IP address will tell you if the card is functioning properly.
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    thumbnail app

    I am trying to find an app that will help me with creating a photo gallery for my web site. I want something that is free and easy to use :) Anyone have any ideas...and btw...I do not use MS frontpage
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    Best Backup App?

    if you create an image it will usually be compressed...if your 40gig drive is at capacity and you were to create a CD image, the imaging software would span the image across multiple cd' can't compress a 40gig image to just 1 cdrw
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    crazy network problem

    you were logging onto your domain w/ cached credentials ;)
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    Refresh Rate?

    on some monitors if you go into the settings of the actual monitor (by using the buttons on the physical monitor) it will tell you what it's running at
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    VERY SLOW viewing comps in workgroup, network

    According to MS also...that is correct
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    Controlling Network from Remote Location

    1. you can set local policies on the pc's, but you would have to manage them via remote desktop connection. 2. PCAnywhere
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    DriveImage across Network (failure)

    the error that you linked referenced netware as a possible cause...since you are not using netware the only other possibility according to the article is that "DNS is not setup properly". That being said are you using a wireless router as your wireless access point??? If so, is your...
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    DriveImage across Network (failure)

    are you using novell netware???