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    Video Converting Software

    what do you like and consider a good video converting software that can do a lot of everything without having to use 5 different programs to do a single job?? I.E. MPEG 2 DVD AVI 2 DVD DVD 2 AVI WMV 2 DVD Anyone have any good recommendations???
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    Hi everyone just wanted to know...

    google wave??? what is that??
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    Uniblue Reg. Booster

    has any1 ever used Uniblue - Reg. Booster and experience any problems with there windows machines after a long period of use???
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    3 Windows Problems I need help fixing :P

    I found a solution to all three problems, I began testing and messing around with explorer and concluded that my explorer.exe was corrupted so all I did was re-install explorer and everything went back to normal and no more problems without a format or data loss. Thank you guys so much for all...
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    3 Windows Problems I need help fixing :P

    so sorry Windows XP fully updated
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    3 Windows Problems I need help fixing :P

    First Error: When I goto start > run and type in C:\ then hit enter, the run dialog pop ups when usually the C:\ Folder comes up, how do I fix that??? Second Error: When I...
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    Renewing IP Address

    When I tried that, soon after I said that magical word, money fell from the sky. Then I woke up :-(
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    How Do I Change My PC ID?

    I just wanna know, How is Changing the PC ID gonna violate some agreements when he isn't doing anything wrong. Just wondering.
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    Remove Gone Program

    Try what he said, looks very useful. Try using jv16 PowerTools 2009 if u can get it. I find it works amazing, has the ability to uninstall hidden files left behind when u do a regular Win. uninstall
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    VNC problem

    Is Logmein cross-platform? If so, what Operating System does this software support?
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    VNC problem

    Ive alawys used VNC, never had a problem
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    VNC problem

    VNC Server's security is not properly configured? Check to see if you have selected a proper authentication method. Also, check out ur Application Event Log. VNC Server will log information under the tag "WinVNC4" when running as a service. Log entries starting "Connections: closed"...
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    How to Remove Items when Blank CD is inserted

    wow bud, thanks a millon, ur awesomeness & a 1/2. Thanks!
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    How to Remove Items when Blank CD is inserted

    I did search for editing the auto run/how to remove items from Pop-up dialog, for some reason, I have a hard time finding what values needed to be deleted in the reg. I can find a lot of information on how-to disable auto run. Can u be more specific on how to remove this item?
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    How do you clean up windows machines?

    I use: CCleaner jv16 PowerTools 2009 TuneUp Utilities 2009 WinSysClean 2009 - I use once in a while to clean up any crap thats laying around the other programs missed. Symantec Endpoint Protection O&O Defrag - My HDD doctor Longest running for my XP, nearly 3 yrs, till I got a...