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    Whats your First PC?

    1997 Compaq Intel Celeron 300mhz 64MB of ram 8gig Hard Drive Onboard 2mb ATI Rage Pro CDROM 13" viewable CRT Windows 98 it was lightning fast ;)
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    who started this site?

    xperience now that brings back some memories. NTFS i had forgoton about completly it didnt seem to be that for too long.
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    This show has been great since the start. Every episode is a laugh. Can't wait!
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    Need to reformat and reinstall XP, best way to do this??

    Yes a LLF (low level format {0's written to each sector of the HD or the first 8 gigs}) is nice however not mandatory. A Full format from windows xp boot cd usually fixes most problems. You can do this by getting the software from the manufacture of your hard drive. If you do this you can...
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    Need to reformat and reinstall XP, best way to do this??

    I've always been a firm believer in that it matters in the order u install your os, updates, and drivers. This is the best guide I've found.
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    old Futuremark 3DMark2001 SE Benchmarks

    21270 3dMarks could tweak the score a bit but just too lazy.
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    old Futuremark 3DMark03 Benchmarks

    6361 3Dmarks 731 CpuMarks
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    an MSI or ASUS mobo for intel chip plz help!

    i have the p4c800-e Deluxe and im quite impressed. Great on Overclocks and rock solid stable. Do you plan on overclocking?
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    OMG! This is pissing me off.....

    What are your temps at? Stock AMD heatsink?
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    XP and large drives

    You should have about 150 - 155 gig drive with gig conversion lost. The hd companies advertise 1GB as 1,000,000,000 bytes. But it really isnt.
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    maxtor or western digital?

    I prefer Hitachi(IBM) Drives. But really isnt a huge deal. All companies have bad drives every once in a while. I have tried WD, Maxtor, and Hitachi(IBM). The IBM's are always faster though so I love em (xcept for that certain drive that goes by RAPTOR :rolleyes: ) Only thing about Hitachi's is...
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    Aquamark Benchmark 3.0

    Man Sazar you need to benchmark that athlon64+ im curious how much better than mine it will be. Supposed to be a nice chip. I thought about getting it but the p4c's spoke to me. (that and i hear they run cool) How do u like the chip so far?
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    Aquamark Benchmark 3.0

    AquaMark Score: 46640 AquaMark CPU Score: 10919 AquaMark GFX Score: 5931 I could get a bit more by tweaking hardware/software but i prefer to use my machine to play games than benchmark. ;)
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    Brain... swelling... WHICH VIDEO CARD?!?!?!

    I would suggest getting the GF 4 Ti4600. This is a great card (I had bought the wonderful Visiontek back when they were making Nvidia cards). It was a Ti4400 that would OC faster than the Ti4600. This was a great card. But I was able to sell my whole rdram setup and get a new system with a...
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    Keeping a healthy hard drive

    I'm not even sure but i remember reading somewhere that low-level formats (writing zero's to hard drive) is a healthy choice. And as for company's telling u to run a hard drive no more than a certain period....that would be hitatchi/IBM on the 120 - 180GXP's. What's really weird is the fact that...