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    coming up with a business name

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    Favorite Winamp Skin?

    Alright, whats everyone's favorite winamp skin? Currently my favorite is C10K 2.0 (Carbon)... it changes like every week for me tho... pics too plz!
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    What's everyone currently playing?...

    UT2K4 BABY! Too lazy to play Far Cry (its hard). o ya and starcraft :)
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    Happy Throughput

    Heres mine... not quite as good as NetRyder... But I'm cheating too... at school :)
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    First Far Cry 2 Screeny

    Wow... Dynamic lighting has really advanced... :D
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    I have a silent boost as well, but my cpu/system temps are around 59/30. I think I may have to reapply the thermal compound seeing as when I installed it, the temps were much lower. And yes, the clip is a pain.
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    Does this look about right. (lots of benches)

    Me too....o well If i figure anything out about it ill post it.
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    Does this look about right. (lots of benches)

    Hey, my mobo does that too, and I have a Gigabyte... and have no idea what the problem is. Maybe its an nforce thing...
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    Google Goof

    Thats kinda scary... ive used that for papers in Spanish before..... uh oh :(
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    Resolution question

    To have specific resolutions for each game, you can use rage 3d to create profiles. Also, I'm pretty sure that it will only work with ATI drivers.
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    Radeon 9800 Pro 256 Mb version

    personally, i prefer to stick with the ati drivers.... friends have had prob's with both omega and dna drivers... but ive heard good things about all of them... i guess its just personal preference. For tweaks and general info on the multiple options, try...
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    psu going?

    Every once in a while about a week ago my computer would randomly "turn off", however it didnt really turn off.... it would sound like the psu shutting off, and the screen would get distorted with artifacts all over it. I had no idea what was going on, but i could still manage to see the mouse...
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    What kinda vehicle u drive? (for those who can drive)

    93 Ford conversion van- its huge, bad on gas, and everyone wants to call it the shaggin wagon.
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    I want just the audio from a file.....

    Nandub might be able to handle that problem... Then again i havent messed with audio in a while... btw what type of file is it?