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    NAS for Dummies

    Wanted an opinion re: NAS. I don't know the first thing about any of this and am looking to automatically backup a Windows xp desktop and Windows Vista laptop. Both are connected to a wireless router. I am also wanting to stream music/pics/videos to a blu-ray player and TV from time to time...
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    OSNN Fantasy Football Thread

    Got it done. Thanks! If one of you guys can wipe the rest of my roster before the draft I am set. Thanks again.
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    OSNN Fantasy Football Thread

    So im unclear on how to set the 3 keepers. I put three players in my lineup and left the rest on the bench. Is this correct or do I need to cut all but 3 players?
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    OSNN Fantasy Football Thread

    Let me know if you need me or not. I'm okay either way. If you need an extra great, if not I will sit back and play back seat quaterback.
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    Not an issue Testing...

    Works fine for me.
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    OSNN Fantasy Football Thread

    Thank you guys for the info and the invite:). I went ahead and signed up and if you end up with an uneven number of teams I am happy to withdraw to balance things out.
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    OSNN Fantasy Football Thread

    If you have room for one more I would love to join in.
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    Microsoft Wireless Laser 8000

    I looked at the tech guide and install guide on Microsofts site and they are really worthless. If MS thinks it is a pairing issue and you can't get it to pair with multiple devices it is starting to sound like it is defective. Are you able to return/exchange it?
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    Microsoft Wireless Laser 8000

    Take a look at this article and see what you think. It may explain the LED flashing but not necessarily the bluetooth issue.
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    Windows 7 RTM before the end of january.

    Re: Windows 7 RTM befor the end of january. Not sure how reliable this site is but it seems to confirm that XP will be around past January 31st. The author also seems to think that Win 7 will release ahead of schedule.
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    Phone suggestions

    To preorder as an existing customer you have to agree to a two year extension. I ordered one despite some reservations re: the design and features. I will do a review when I get it (10/22).
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    Phone suggestions

    Unfortunately the Tmobile G1 is running $200 as an upgrade for existing customers who are 22 months into their contract and are willing to extend 2 more years. Is $300 for customers who are not eligible for an upgrade but are willing to extend their contract for two years. Scheduled to be in...
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    Kinda NEW and need some help.

    Very good news, quick too. Good luck with it.
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    Overheating Problem

    Haven't used it in a while but what about a program like Speedfan to check voltages? I'm not sure what the new standard is but back a couple of years ago speedfan was a good program to diagnose psu problems.
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    What is MCP?

    Can you post your CPU and Motherboard temps so we can get an idea of what the overall temp is inside the case. You indicated that everything seems warm/hot to the touch which would indicate that the overall temp inside the case is warm so consequently the MCP temp will be higher. LeeJend...