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    my ten year aniversary

    Congrats Perris! I was thinking about OSNN today and just stumbled across this post, and it's good to see familiar faces, erm... usernames, ha!
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    Car Concert Application

    Hiyyas! I guess this would go here under "portable entertainment devices" :nervous: Anyways, I do audio reinforcement for many live gigs; some of which are in remote areas with limited (if any) power. I don't really want to mess around with a generator, especially for smaller gigs and such...
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    Interesting AirPort Discovery

    I'm just going to start out saying that I'm sure everyone already knew about this, but I haven't posted in awhile and some of you might find this as interesting as I did about 5 minutes ago... I was in a destruction mode and I took apart one of my old iMac G3 CRT comps to see how it was put...
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    The Final Show 2007

    Merry Christmas guys! for perris - (hehe... the bug looks real huh?:p)
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    The Final Show 2007

    sure... i would try it, but i can't find a "modern" recording of it - or do you just mean the classic orchestral version?
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    Light Show 2006

    Continued : :) -tc
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    The Final Show 2007

    This is a continuation of last year's thread - "Light Show 2006" Hey guys... sorry for the downtime, I'm on a little - eh... "vacation" :yowch: There are new plans for 2007 and they are about 70% complete... The new project is called "The Final...
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    prevent text wrapping around an image

    By default it shouldn't wrap around an image unless you specify "align" in the <img> tag. Instead, use a <div> to position the image and it should just have text on the top and bottom. -tc
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    Looking for NAS recommendations...

    I second the MyBook World Ed. They are pretty sweet, I have a 500gb one which cost me less than 200USD. The only thing with the WD's you have to make sure you get a fanless one, a quick Google search says there are two types and the one with the fan is loud as hell :)
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    Funny Video Thread

    I think you missed a character there... Is this the one you were thinking of? -
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    Where can I download sounds from the Transformers movie?

    Re: Transformers ahh... bring your cellphone to the movies and press "record voice memo" :rolleyes: Just a thought, you may try YouTube for some clips you can get the sound off of. -tc
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    Filtered Sub-network

    ok... I'm downloading NetBSD right now, and the latest version of Squid. Just for my knowledge - is there also a hardware solution, such as a special gateway/router that would have these options? I'm sure if there was, it would probably be pretty expensive. -tc
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    Filtered Sub-network

    Hey guys, Right now I have two wireless home networks - one that is password protected and another that is open to everyone in the area. How could I setup the open network to filter a list of urls, and maybe even set a bandwidth limit? I have a few Pentium pcs lying around that aren't doing...
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    Mac: Join Vid Files?

    Thanks man, FFmpegX is awsome... I'm having trouble with avimerge thouugh... seems that this only works with linux?
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    Mac: Join Vid Files?

    Hey everyone, Any idea where I can get a good (free preferably) program that joins together video files? I'm usually just working with .avi's or .mpg's from my camera and I hate to keep converting them to .dv and importing them into iMovie when I'm sure there has got to be an easier way...