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    Moldy Old Dough

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    Photo Taken At Loch Ness Yesterday

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    I Was Bored

    I Was Bored
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    Scottish Cats Are Crazy

    Scottish Cats Are Crazy
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    Can You See Jesus Of Nazereth

    Can You See Jesus Of Nazereth
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    Im Gonna be painting my house today :)

    Llf but tartan paint doesnt exist lol. its impossible to have tartan paint llf
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    Scottish Land On The Moon

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    This Weeks Weather In Scotland Lol

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    A Scottish Cave.......Honest Lol

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    End Is Near...Mon Then

    Well Still no sign of Planet X Appearing from behind the moon, its gravity ready to rip the Earth apart And there still isnt any sign of The Earths crust starting to be unstable, causing total pole shift, which would also result in hell on earth............ So its good news so far everybody...
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    Merry 21st December Everybody

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    End Is Near...Mon Then