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    Little Snitch

    Depends on your uses. If you want your email, allow Mail... if you want to surf allow Safari, if you want to have your Mac set the time for you, allow NTPd, etc. At the end of the day if you yank the network cable (or disable wifi) your Mac will continue to work, so it doesn't really *NEED*...
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    The new ipod nano 5th generation video to computer and DVD to ipod?

    They will need converting into a compatible format to be put onto the iPod. I believe Handbrake will do it for you, and quite easily too. HandBrake
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    Has your Mac ever crashed on you?

    First Mac I ever owned, Internet Explorer crashed on me... will always remember that. As for more recent escapades though, Logic 9 keeps crashing on me because I have an old version of Predator FX installed which doesn't agree with Snow Lepper 100%, maybe about 76%. Also have had many KP's...
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    Mac Video Converter-where can i find it ?

    HandBrake should do you.
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    Little Snitch

    I guess in theory it's Ok to disable absolutely everything... then re-create the rules as you go along, deciding what you want to allow external access.
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    Where are the font caches on snow leopard?

    Have you tried the instructions listed here: - 10.5: How to reset user and/or all font caches ? More specifically this bit:
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    Are You Getting Snow Leopard?

    Installed it on the Mac Mini last night, will likely update the MacBook Pro later today. So far... meh. :p
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    August 2009 Desktop Screenshots

    Not posted one in a while:
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    Need help stuffing a ballot box..

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    Need help stuffing a ballot box..

    Done. Will try to remember to do it every day. :)
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    News MSN Video Player launches in the UK

    Quite like this new service, some classics on there. Only thing which annoys me is the volume of the adverts, trying to subtly watch something doesn't work too well when the sodding direct line trumpets sound off twice as loud as the programme :D
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    News VLC media player 1.0.1

    Nor me. "Application Update" widget alerted me to it :)
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    All in one unarchiver?

    Thirdededed, however sometimes I have to resort to the official command line un-rar utility, as The Unarchiver can't handle a particular batch of .rar files I throw at it... though that's a very rare occurrence.
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    Growl and Adium?

    Don't think I could use a Mac without Growl these days, very customisable, and you can choose what apps alert you and what for. You can even send the notifications to another mac on your network.
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    Replace DVD drive for Mac Pro (intel)

    Many of pioneer's drives will work, I used to have an un-supported drive in my old PowerMac G4, it worked via a little software hack (The name eludes me), however Apple eventually added the drive to their G5's, so it worked flawlessly in the end.