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    gas going up 25 cents a gallon in states.

    Over here in the UK we pay about 83 pence ($1.6) a litre, i'll make do with my 1.8 ltr engine as shown in my siggie thank you. lol
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    About shutdown shortcut

    Didn't know that one andy, on checking my settings i notice it is set for shutdown so I'll be using the power button from now on.
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    Word Association

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    Happy Birthday wadada!

    Have a nice birthday m8,
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    Great to be here!

    And from me m8,
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    The Person Above Me

    The person above me has more posts than me.
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    The other word game

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    IE homepage taken over.....

    When you get it sorted you can lock your browser homepage with "StartPage Guard" it's free. For more info type name into your search engine.
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    Word Association

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    The other word game

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    Word Association

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    Happy Birthday Sazar!

    And all the best from me m8,
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    You know there's something wrong when...

    I use
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    Word Association

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    The other word game