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    Happy Birthday to Me ...

    Happy birthday :D
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    Firefox 3 Vulnerability Found

    I know, which is why I'm wondering they didn't go public about the 2.0.0.x problem earlier. Said that the exploit was found on both 2.0 and 3.0. Why? Just ditch the AV all together. As long as you stay away from suspicious places you'll be fine, ne?
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    Free Download Manager 2.5 - Great (Free) Download manager!!!

    A lot has happened, strange that I'm using FlashGet now too XD I actually got the original Chinese version. Then I realized the computer won't show the characters correctly so I downloaded the English version. I agree that it's better than FDM... FDM has a lot of flaws that I didn't see up until...
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    Firefox 3 Vulnerability Found

    That makes sense, thanks :) But then again, how come they didn't go public earlier if they already reported and Mozilla didn't do anything about it? It sounds like the diligent Mozilla is slacking...
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    Firefox 3 Vulnerability Found

    Why were you downloading a plugin that sounds like it's for adult stuff? <_< Those are dangerous. And the article didn't give much information. Exactly what is the vulnerability >_< And why did Tipping Point find this out only after 3.0 was released? They could have found it in 2.0 for the last...
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    Firefox Download Day

    When I first ditched IE I downloaded both Opera and Firefox. I actually found Firefox easier to use because the Opera user interface kinda blinded me with the color, and I kinda got lost with the controls. And contrary to most of the tests people carry out, I actually had a harder time loading...
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    Firefox Download Day

    Crossed 8 million downloads. They say they served 9000 downloads a minute. Talk about server overload... If this doesn't make it into the records, I don't know what can.
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    UXTheme Patcher for XP SP3

    There's WinMatrix, BelchFire, ThemeXP, etc. I personally took mine from BelchFire. I think my theme's creator is a user on this site XD
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    OSNN.NET worth $18,000...?

    Why is OSNN priced so low? It seems to be pretty popular. (Lol. It raised by 1 dollar.)
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    Prelude Du Fornication

    I don't see any results on that :( But I googled Wayne's World and it seemed to be a Saturday Night Live. :dead: I don't understand American culture.
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    The Person Above Me

    The person above me is bobsalot who also failed to do it right. :)
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    Prelude Du Fornication

    Ah sheesh, you know something's preverted when Carpo posts in the Funny Farm, there's the (trademark) :D as the thread icon, and the title has the word "Fornication" in it. But lol, is there really a music called Prelude Du Fornication? o.O
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    µTorrent downloading issues... Please Help

    Oh. But I'm assuming it doesn't have an effect or not?
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    µTorrent downloading issues... Please Help

    It might be your firewall. I use Azureus and every time there's a NAT error or DHT error it says firewall when I hover over it. I don't think Windows Firewall allows you to control what programs and whatnot gets access to the incoming connections. Your best bet is to get those bigger famous...
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    Funny Video Thread

    What happened to my _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?!?!??!?!? You're sick...