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    Go into a madness overclocking mode and crank that baby up! :D
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    problems with norton ghost 9

    Actually, depending on how many copies you want to make, Norton Ghost 9 requires at least double the size of the drive you want to backup. Let's say, if you only want one copy, then it indeed requires double the size of the drive you want to backup. This is because, once there's already a...
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    [Apache2] What the heck happened here?

    Upgrade your Apache2 server to the latest version just in case. ;) Also, try to configure the search program to limit the number of characters that can be used. So before Apache evaluates the search parameters fully (i.e. before it starts searching), it's already returning an error that the...
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    building dual-proc rig

    Keep in mind that cryogenic's wording for "programs" also applies to games: if games aren't aware of the dual CPU configuration, you will not see any improvement. Most games hardly support dual CPU anyway, so I recommend that you save yourself the money and spend it on far better equipment...
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    Graphic Card Recommendation

    The 6800 Ultra indeed requires two molex cables, but as long as you have at least 400W, you should be fine. I'm going to buy an OCZ PowerStream 520W. Should certainly work just fine for the Ultra card, otherwise I can purchase a second PSU, since CoolerMaster Stacker supports two PSU's. xD
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    200gb Hdd?

    Alright then, you might want to read this article:;en-us;305098 :)
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    200gb Hdd?

    Then simply upgrade your Windows 2000 to the latest Service Pack. SP4 is the latest one for 2000, I think. If that doesn't support drives 132GB drives either, consider upgrading to Windows XP SP1 or higher. :)
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    DVD Multisession?

    I'm pretty sure that's possible with most burners and burning programs available out there. :)
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    Windows XP 64-bit Edition release date?

    Alrighty, I'm curious what he'll say. :D
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    Graphic Card Recommendation

    Personally, I want to buy Leadtek GeForce 6800 A400 Ultra. :D Leadtek is a very good brand. Anyway... If you are able to, try to buy one of the following brands: - AOpen - BFG - Chaintech (Gold edition) - eVGA - Leadtek - XFX Otherwise, go for Asus. Asus is fairly good, but certainly...
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    Windows XP 64-bit Edition release date?

    This question may or may not have been asked already, but either way, it'd be nice to have some clarification about this uncertainty. When does Windows XP 64-bit Edition get released? There should be some information about that roaming around. I couldn't find much information on...
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    Graphic Card Recommendation

    I suggest you take a 6800 non-Ultra version, as that's pretty much the only card from the 6xxx series that has 128MB onboard memory. :p However, if you like to play games as well, then go for the 6800GT version, since that's based on the Ultra card, but $100+ cheaper. :) As for Aperture Size...
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    Is it worth considering BTX?

    Ah, yes. Cooler Master Stacker. <3 I wanna buy that case along with the rest of the PC stuff. Unfortunately, I still have some issues with my bank account, but it should be done in end September/begin October. I can't wait. :D
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    Is it worth considering BTX?

    Seeing that processors are getting released with faster speeds sooner and sooner, it's likely that we'll see a CTX form factor in summer 2006 and DTX in winter 2006. :D
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    how to rename cdrom drives?

    Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management -> Rightclick your CD drive -> Change drive letter and paths -> Change -> Select letter -> Ok -> Ok. :)