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    What was the original name of OSNN?

    I don't remember. I'm getting old.
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    Have to underclock CPU in order

    I've two copies of Vista64.. Home Premium and Ultimate and both come out with the same results. I'm going try Win7 64 Beta here shortly..
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    Have to underclock CPU in order

    to install and run Vista 64. If I'm default my system locks up right when you see the "Green Load Bar/Microsoft Corporation" you can barely see it but thats where it locks. If I downclock and run Intelburn it fails. Test ram with memtest and no errors and test the same ram on other computer...
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    Cant' make shortcuts

    that didn't work. I did try the system restore also.
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    Cant' make shortcuts

    I don't have that entry in my registry.
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    Cant' make shortcuts

    in Vista 32.. Also when I install new programs they aren't putting the shortcut on my desktop I right click to add a shortcut and nothing happens.
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    How do I unsync a MP3 player with

    windows media player. I'm using Vista.. and everytime I hook up my CL:Zen it throws stuff on it that I don't want. It's a constant battle :)
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    IE not connecting to the internet

    the only time I can connect is if I connect to my VPN then IE and Live messenger work. I went through the settings and can't see anything that would prevent me from connecting.
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    Hard Drive intermittently enables write protection or

    ... I've ran diagnostics using ultimate boot drive but it's checking out normal. if I open a rar file I get an winrar error about I/O error. Have to reboot in order for it to work properly.
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    Very Slow boot up time

    It takes 5 minutes to boot up into windows. It takes a minute from bios to the "Green bar" then the screen goes blank for 2 minutes..Then once at the log in screen and then another 2 1/2 minutes until everything stops loading. CPU: 6000+ x2 Mem: 2 x 1GB PC6000 4-5-4-11 1T 8800GTX Everything...
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    Can't create shortcuts and shortcuts are not created

    When I install new programs they dont' create shortcuts or place them in the menu. Also when I try to create a shortcut by right clicking the desktop nothing happens. I get the drop down menu and when I select "Create Shortcut" nothing.
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    Error installing programs.

    To add to the problem I received this issue after I installed bioshock in safe mode. "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect" Totally removed AVG and all these errors went away. FYI- you might have issue by installing latest AVG.
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    Error installing programs.

    I think that AVG has taken permission over. If I go into safe mode I can install these programs with out issues.
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    Error installing programs.

    I tried to installed GRAW2 and Bioshock Demo and keep getting this error 'Windows cannot access specified device, path, or file You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." AVG keeps flagging the setup.exe as a Trojan. I disable AVG and I still can't install these programs
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    Constant Errors leads to reformat

    After numerous Hard Drive and Memory Diagnostics's. My memory finally gave me an error. I ran MemTest a little longer than I was doing earlier. I really didnt' think it was my ram.